How to Gift Robux to Friends (3 Methods)

Unlock the secrets to sharing Robux on Roblox. From clever purchases to leveraging group funds, gift the joy of in-game currency to your friends!

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to Gift Robux to Friends (3 Methods)

How to Gift Robux to Friends (3 Methods)

As you play lots of games and create your own content on Roblox, you likely end up with some leftover Robux that you don't need to spend on yourself. Instead of letting extra Robux sit unused, you may want to gift some to your friends on the platform! This allows your friends access to premium avatar items, gameplay abilities, and more using your gifted Robux. To transfer Robux from one account to another, there are actually clever workarounds that mimic gifting. This article outlines the three main methods players use to send extra Robux to their friends' accounts once they have some to spare.

Can you transfer Robux to a friend?

Unfortunately, there is no official feature on Roblox to directly transfer Robux from your account balance to a friend's balance. While you cannot gift Robux directly, there are a couple legitimate workarounds. The most common method is to have your friend create a clothing item or game pass and put it up for sale. You would then purchase that item using your own Robux, and your friend receives 70% of the Robux after marketplace fees. This mimics transferring Robux to them.

Some also use group funds by adding Robux via game passes, then distributing balances to friends in the group. So while you cannot officially move Robux between accounts, these listing purchases and group funds allow you to gift extra Robux in an indirect manner. So lets see each method one by one: 

Method 1: Give Robux Via Donations

Purchase Friend's Creation The easiest approach is to have your friend create a clothing item or accessory and put it up for sale. You then buy that item using your Robux balance. Here are step-by-step instructions:

  1. Ask your friend to join Roblox Premium for $4.99 per month. This will grant them access to customized clothing templates and the Roblox catalog.

  2. Have your friend navigate to the "Create" page and select to create a new clothing item, shirt, pants, or accessory. They can customize the design however they like.

  3. Once the item is finalized, your friend needs to upload it to the catalog and enable public sales. They must set a price in Robux for how much they want to receive as a donation.

  4. Your friend then provides you with the exact name of their creation.

  5. You log into your Roblox account on either desktop or mobile. Click on the "Avatar Shop" icon.

  6. In the catalog search bar, type in your friend's creation name precisely as they provided it. Hit enter to search.

  7. When results pop up, select your friend's item. Verify it is the correct one based on the design or description.

  8. Click the "Buy" button using your Robux balance. Complete the purchase.

  9. 30% of the set price will be deducted as a Roblox marketplace tax. The remaining 70% of Robux instantly gets transferred to your friend's account balance!

Method 2: Create a Game Pass

Purchase Friend’s Game Pass If your friend does not want to spend money on a Roblox Premium membership, they can still receive Robux donations from you by setting up a Game Pass.

Here is how to create and customize a Game Pass:

  1. Your friend logs into their Roblox account and navigates to their profile. They click on "Create" in the top menu bar.

  2. Have them choose the option to create a new experience. They can use any of the available game templates.

  3. Once the game is created on their profile, have them click on the 3 dots next to the game thumbnail. Select "Configure Game."

  4. On the left sidebar, they need to click "Game Passes" and then select "New Game Pass."

  5. Upload any image they want associated with the Game Pass and fill out the name field. Add a description (optional).

  6. Have them click "Preview" and then "Verify Upload” to list the Game Pass publicly.

Now you need to purchase your friend's Game Pass:

  1. Your friend shares the unique URL link to the Game Pass with you.

  2. Click the link to open the Game Pass purchase page. Verify price shown matches what your friend indicated.

  3. Click the "Buy" button. Complete checkout with your Robux balance.

  4. Just like item purchases, 30% of the price gets taken as a marketplace fee. The other 70% of Robux get transferred to your friend's account.

  5. Due to pending verifications, it takes 2-3 days for the Robux to fully process into your friend’s balance after you buy the Game Pass.

Method 3: Make a Group

Robux Group Distribution The group method allows you to accumulate group funds from multiple friends and distribute Robux easily to members.

To set up a Roblox group for donations:

  1. Click on the "Groups" link on the Roblox menu bar. Select the option to create a new group.

  2. Customize your group's name, description and upload a profile image. This costs 100 Robux to complete.

  3. Have your friends join your newly created group on their accounts.

To add funds and distribute donations:

  1. Go to the "Create" page in Roblox and select "New Experience" under Group Creations. Pick any template.

  2. Once the game is published, click the 3 dots icon and choose "Configure Place." Go to Game Passes.

  3. Select "New Game Pass" and customize all fields and images. List for your desired donation price.

  4. Any friend that buys the Game Pass donates those funds into the overall group balance.

  5. To pay out Robux, go to "Configure Group" and select "Revenue" then "Payouts" and choose group members to transfer Robux instantly into their accounts.


While Roblox does not have an official gifting function between player accounts, using the donation method through purchased items, setting up game passes, or leveraging group funds allows you to essentially transfer spare Robux over to friends. They can then redeem these gifted Robux towards premium avatar content, special abilities upgrades, accessories, and more across the Roblox universe. Keep these 3 gifting strategies in mind next time you or a generous friend have some extra Robux burnings hole in your account balance and want to share the wealth. Doing so helps make the games more engaging for all.

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