how to get Leather in Palworld

There are a huge amount of materials in Palworld and sometimes players can forget or get confused about where to find certain items. And Leather in Palworld is definitely one of such items!

By Sneh Prasad
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Pals & Leather in Palworld

Certain Pals and Leather in Palworld (Image via TechFirstNow; credits: Pocket Pair, inc.)

Recently a certain game became really popular on Steam and players are really loving it. It’s the indie game, Palworld. Palworld has really become popular with its survival mechanics and really unique in-game features and gameplay.

Survival genre games are really becoming popular and this game from developers Pocket Pair, inc. is wooing the entire gaming community. Palworld’s huge and diverse world is really popular and houses a lot of interesting stuff and secrets for players to look forward to while exploring.

Palworld has really become popular in just 2 months since the game’s launch. Furthermore, there are loads and loads of material in the game and Leather in Palworld is one of the most important materials amongst many!

What are the uses of Leather in Palworld and where to find it?

Now Players may be wondering what sort of uses “Leather” has in a game like Palworld. Well, Devs have really gone all out on the things and items players can craft in Palworld, and they have made Leather, one of the most commonly used crafting items in the game. This makes the leather really important.

Leather in Palworld
Leather in Palworld (credits: Pocket Pair, inc.)

Leather is used in making almost every Player armour set available in Palworld. From normal armour to Cold/Hot Resistant Pal Armour, even their Legendary variant requires Leather to craft them. And if that’s not all, well, Leather is required in crafting almost all forms of Pal gears, from Saddles to Harnesses and a lot of items on similar levels.

So, where can players find leather? Well, the only way to get Leather is by catching or killing certain Pals. Some of such pals that players can find easily are:

  • Foxparks
  • Rushoar
  • Direhowl
  • Eikthyrdeer
  • Fuack
  • Nitewing
Foxparks in Palworld
Foxparks in Palworld (credits: Pocket Pair, inc.)

These were some of the Pals that players can find near the starting islands of the map. The Plateau of Beginnings, Sea Breeze Archipelago Church and Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster waypoints are great areas where these pals spawn and players can easily get Leather from them. Also, some of these Pals at far-off locations can be higher level, so deal with them cautiously. 

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