How to fix the 'Battle Pass not working' error in Rainbow Six Siege?

Errors can be really bad in games, moreover, when the error is in a battle pass you have bought, it can be really bad, so let's see how to fix this Battle Pass error in Rainbow Six Siege!

By Sneh Prasad
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How to fix the 'Battle Pass not working' error in  Rainbow Six Siege?

'Battle Pass not working' Error in Rainbow Six Siege (Image via TechFirstNow)

Over the past few years, the entire gaming culture has really risen to fame. Furthermore, Valorant, Fortnite and other similar competitive shooters have created a really big fan base for themselves. And Rainbow Six Siege isn’t somewhere far off! This competitive shooter game has captivated fans and has held a strong player base 9 years since its launch. However, there are a few glitches in the game and the current Rainbow Six Siege “Battle Pass not working” error is one of them.

Rainbow Six Siege launched 9 years ago and since then the game has been a top-of-the-line shooter game, as per the gaming community. There are loads of different operators in the game, that players love and utilize different skills to play with. Moreover, every season, Ubisoft launches a new Battle Pass for Rainbow Six Siege. These Battle Passes are really cool and offer a lot of great in-game items, but it upsets them when they encounter an error.

 What is the Rainbow Six Siege "Battle Pass not working" Error?

This new Battle Pass error in Rainbow Six Siege is really ticking off players all around. Gamers who spend most of their time in the game are really frustrated and are looking for solutions everywhere. So, what exactly is this error? Be it on the Standard or the Premium Battle Pass, points are not being accumulated despite players playing the game for hours and completing challenges right & left.


What is Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass now working error
Battle Pass in Rainbow Six Siege (Image via Ubisoft)

This is a really big problem for players who have bought the Premium Battle Pass and even those who are trying to fill the Standard one. No points accumulating means that players wouldn’t get any goodies despite how many hours they put in the game and it’s really disheartening to gamers.

How to fix the Battle Pass not working error?

This error is really bad for gamers to have a good time in Rainbow Six Siege. The only possible way this error can be resolved is through a new patch/game update. PC players can try to verify their files by following the below steps:  

  • Step 1: Fire up your Ubosoft client and head to the "Games" tab.
  • Step 2: Now, select Rainbow Six Siege and select properties in the Menu tab.
  • Step 3: Click verify files and wait until it finishes verifying. 
How to fix Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass not working error
Battle Pass in Rainbow Six Siege (Image via Ubisoft)


If this method doesn't fix the error then players just have to wait until Ubisoft releases a new update and corrects this error in their game. Until then, players should still play the game and enjoy fragging enemies with the new operator Deimos.

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