Best Strategy Games for Android in 2023

Lead civilizations, battle aliens, and strategize in epic worlds with these top-rated Android strategy games. Download now and conquer!

By Abhishek Chandel
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Best Strategy Games for Android

Best Strategy Games for Android

Strategy games are a popular genre on Android, offering deep gameplay in a portable format. Android devices are more powerful than ever, allowing for immersive strategy experiences. In this post, we will look at the top strategy games that take advantage of Android's capabilities. Whether you're a fan of 4X, real-time strategy, or tactical combat, there's something here for you.

Best Strategy Games for Android

1. Civilization VI

The full Civilization VI experience is optimized for Android. Lead your civilization from settlement to world power. Deep strategic gameplay is perfect for on-the-go play sessions. This port of the beloved strategy franchise lets you build an empire across eras, competing or aligning with historical leaders. Each game presents new challenges as you guide your civilization into the future. With excellent controls adapted for touchscreens, Civilization VI is one of the best Android strategy games available.

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2. XCOM 2 Collection

Port of the acclaimed tactical strategy game. Command a squad against an alien threat. New DLC and expansions included. Customizable squads, destructible environments, and procedural maps provide engrossing gameplay. This collection contains all of the content from XCOM 2 and its expansions. Build up your squad with unique skills and abilities to fight back against an alien invasion in tense, turn-based combat. Randomly generated maps keep the game fresh while you make crucial decisions to complete objectives. It's a must-play for tactical strategy fans.

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3. Company of Heroes

Real-time strategy game focused on squad-based combat. Dynamic destructible environments add immersion. Intuitive touch controls make commanding units easy. Authentic representation of WWII warfare. Company of Heroes brings WWII battlefield tactics to life in an accessible way. Direct squads using simple touch controls as you capture territory and manage resources. The destructible environments crumble around you while vivid visuals and sound design heighten the action.

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4. Rome Total War

Classic real-time strategy with epic scale. Manage an empire and massive battles with thousands of units. Addictive grand campaign map and tactical battle system. This port brings the strategic depth of Rome's Total War to Android. Build your empire on the campaign map while also fighting historical battles in real time. Zoom in on the action or pull back to command huge armies with ease.

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5. Gwent

Based on the minigame from The Witcher series. Deep but accessible card battler. Regular content updates with new cards and abilities. Perfect for competitive multiplayer duels. Gwent offers an addictive strategic card game in quick-playing online matches. Fans of The Witcher will appreciate the lore as they build decks and perfect strategies. Regular updates keep the meta fresh and competitive.

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Android devices continue to improve, allowing true strategy game experiences on mobile. Take your strategic skills anywhere with these engrossing and thoughtful games. Immerse yourself in historical or fictional worlds, with varied game mechanics catering to different tastes. Any strategy fan is sure to find something to their liking with this collection of Android's best strategy games.

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