Best Time Tracking Apps for iPhone and Android in 2024

Explore the top-rated time tracking apps, from Toggl Track's flexibility to ATracker's analytics. Find the perfect app to enhance your productivity on iPhone and Android.

By Abhishek Chandel
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Best Time Tracking Apps for iPhone and Android

Best Time Tracking Apps for iPhone and Android

Time tracking apps have become an invaluable tool for productivity. They help you understand exactly where your time is going each day and provide insights into how you can improve your efficiency. I tested out some of the top time tracking apps for iPhone and Android to see which ones stood out as the best options. In this blog post, I'll be reviewing six of the best time tracking apps including Toggl Track, ATracker, Pomodoro Focus Timer, Clockify, TimeTag, and Timery.

1. Toggl Track: Hours & Time Log

Toggl Track is a flexible time tracking app that allows you to track time across different platforms and devices with just a single tap to start and stop the timer. It has a clean, clutter-free interface focused on time tracking. Toggl syncs all your time logs to the cloud so you can access your data from any device signed into your account. It provides useful analytics and reports on where your time is being spent.

Key Features:

  • Track time with one tap start/stop

  • Sync data across platforms

  • Cloud sync of time logs

  • Useful analytics and reports


2. ATracker Time Tracker

ATracker is an easy-to-use time tracking app that lets you track time for tasks, projects, work, studies, exercises and more with just a simple one-tap start and stop. It offers great statistics shown in pie charts and bar graphs so you can analyze where your time goes. ATracker allows customization of tasks with color-coding and icons. It can track time even when the app is not open.

Key Features:

  • One-tap start/stop time tracking

  • Analytics with pie charts and bar graphs

  • Customizable tasks and icons

  • Tracks time with app closed


3. Session - Pomodoro Focus Timer

Pomodoro Focus Timer uses the proven pomodoro technique to help you stay focused and work in productive time blocks. It can block distracting websites and apps during timer sessions. Pomodoro Focus Timer helps automate workflows like turning on Do Not Disturb when a session starts. It reminds you to take breaks, which helps boost creativity and problem-solving.

Key Features:

  • Pomodoro technique for time blocking

  • Blocks distracting websites and apps

  • Automates workflows like Do Not Disturb

  • Reminds you to take breaks


4. Clockify Time Tracker

Clockify is a free time tracking tool perfect for agencies, freelancers, and teams. It allows both manual time logging and automatic tracking with one click. You can assign time logs to relevant projects and clients for tracking. The web version of Clockify provides expanded functionality like useful reports and analytics on where your team's time is going.

Key Features:

  • Free for unlimited members and workspaces

  • Option for manual and automatic time logging

  • Assign time to projects and clients

  • More reporting in web version


5. TimeTag - Track Your Time

TimeTag is a straightforward time tracking app focused on fast and simple start/stop tracking. It allows you to export accurate time records and see time breakdowns by tags and categories. The TimeTag Pro subscription unlocks advanced features like syncing across devices, providing deeper analytics insights, and location-based automation.

Key Features:

  • Quick one-tap start/stop

  • Export timesheets and records

  • Pro version adds syncing, insights, automation


6. Timery for Toggl

Timery enhances the Toggl time tracking experience by providing quick access to saved timers, easy editing of time entries, widgets, and more. Its key features include saved timers to start frequently used ones fast, suggestions of recent timers, interactive widgets, and robust reporting.

Key Features:

  • Saved timers for frequently used tasks

  • Edit recent time entries easily

  • Reporting with filtering and exporting

  • Interactive widgets and shortcuts



All of these time tracking apps have unique strengths making them useful for individuals and teams. Toggl Track is great for simple tracking across platforms while ATracker excels at analytics. Pomodoro Focus Timer helps you time block and Clockify is ideal for managing team time logs. TimeTag simplifies quick tracking and Timery enhances Toggl with automation. Evaluate your specific needs to determine which option may work best. Time tracking is an easy way to boost productivity if you find the app that fits your requirements.

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