How to fix Apple watch notifications issue?

Troubleshooting Tips for Apple Watch Notifications.

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How to fix Apple watch notifications issue?

How to fix Apple watch notifications issue?

Notifications are a core feature of the Apple Watch, keeping users connected and informed at a glance. However, many Apple Watch owners face issues with notifications not coming through reliably. If you aren't getting your notifications properly on your Apple Watch, don't fret - the problem likely lies in minor settings or connectivity issues. With a few focused troubleshooting steps, you can get your Apple Watch notifications working optimally again. This article will walk through effective troubleshooting techniques to fix any Apple Watch notifications issue. So lets get started!

Method 1: Restart the Apple Watch

Restarting the Apple Watch can help clear out any minor glitches that may be preventing notifications from coming through. To restart, hold down the side button on the right side of the Apple Watch until you see the slider to power off. Drag the slider to turn off your watch. Wait for 30 seconds as the watch powers down completely. Then, press and hold the side button again until you see the Apple logo to turn the watch back on. This refresh can fix small errors in apps or settings that are disrupting notifications.

Method 2: Force Quit Buggy Apps

Apps that are frozen or glitchy can sometimes disrupt notifications. You can force quit apps on the Apple Watch to give them a fresh start. To do this, press and hold on the app icon on your watch face until you see the "X" to force quit. Then tap it. This completely quits the app and reopens it, which may get notifications working properly again.

Method 3: Check Do Not Disturb Settings

If Do Not Disturb is enabled on your Apple Watch, you will not receive any notifications. To make sure this isn't turned on, swipe up to access the Control Center on your watch. Make sure Do Not Disturb shows as off. You can also check your Do Not Disturb settings under the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and make sure Do Not Disturb scheduled or manual activation is not turned on.

Method 4: Verify Bluetooth Connectivity

The Apple Watch relies on a Bluetooth connection to the iPhone to receive notifications. If that connection drops, your notifications will not come through. Make sure Bluetooth is on for both devices and that your iPhone and Apple Watch are within close range. You can check the connection status under Settings > Bluetooth on your iPhone.

Method 5: Reset Network Settings

Resetting your network settings can help resolve connectivity issues like Bluetooth that may be interfering with notifications. On your paired iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This will reset all network connectivity services without erasing any data.

Method 6: Contact Apple Support

Persisting notification problems may require contacting Apple Support, who can further diagnose issues and possibly offer watchOS rollbacks or replacements if needed. Bringing your Apple Watch to an Apple Store is another option.


While notification issues on the Apple Watch can be frustrating, a bit of troubleshooting patience and know-how will get them working properly again. Restarting, resetting settings, checking connectivity, and contacting Apple Support are proven techniques to revive faulty notifications. With notifications back up and running smoothly, you can enjoy the convenience and connectivity of your Apple Watch without disruption. Reliable notifications are vital for an optimal Apple Watch experience, so be diligent about troubleshooting any problems that arise. Your efforts will pay off with a fully functional smartwatch.

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