Best live wallpaper apps for iPhone in 2023

Discover the best iPhone live wallpaper apps! From IntoLive for custom videos to Vellum's minimalistic designs, find your perfect animated wallpaper now.

By Abhishek Chandel
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Best live wallpaper apps for iPhone

Best live wallpaper apps for iPhone

Live wallpapers allow for dynamic backgrounds beyond static images on iPhone. But with different apps available for live wallpapers, which should you choose? This post explores top options that convert videos, utilize Live Photos, offer minimalist designs, provide vast collections, and enable deep customization. We'll analyze the pros and cons of each app to help determine the best fit for your wallpaper style. Read on for a guide to Live iPhone wallpaper apps and breathe new life into your lock screen.

1. IntoLive - Best for Turning Videos into Live Wallpapers

For those who want to convert their own videos into animated iPhone backgrounds, IntoLive is the best app for the job. It has a huge library of pre-made animated wallpapers across categories like space, nature, sci-fi, and more.

But the real appeal is the ability to take any video from your Camera Roll and apply it as a live wallpaper. IntoLive lets you trim and loop videos, customize colors, add effects, and optimize videos as animated backgrounds. This gives you unlimited possibilities for unique, personalized wallpapers.


  • Convert your own videos into live wallpapers

  • Huge library of pre-made options

  • Tons of customization and editing tools


  • Can be expensive with subscription plan

  • Uses a lot of battery

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2. Vellum - Best for Minimalist Animated Wallpapers

If a simple, minimalist aesthetic is more your style, Vellum offers beautiful live wallpapers with an animated geometric or abstract look. The subtle animations on the lock screen and home screen have a calming vibe.

Vellum’s wallpaper library features original designs with seamless loops and color customization options. The clean animations are perfect for a minimal iPhone setup.


  • Beautiful minimalist and geometric options

  • Seamless looping animations

  • Customizable colors


  • Limited library compared to some apps

  • Lack of custom video/photo options

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3. Wallcraft - Best Variety of Animated Wallpaper Styles

With different categories like geometric, nature, sci-fi, and more, Wallcraft has a wide selection of animated wallpaper styles. You can find exciting, dynamic wallpaper whether you want something futuristic, trippy, or serene.

Wallcraft also lets you create your own wallpapers using coloring tools, video effects like glitch or VHS, and other adjustments. New wallpapers are added every week so you always have fresh options.


  • Massive variety of animated wallpaper styles

  • New options are added weekly

  • Fun video effects to apply


  • Animations can be a bit busy

  • Most customization features require premium

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4. Live Wallpapers for Me - Best Customization Options

If you want more control over customizing your animated wallpapers, Live Wallpapers for Me provides tons of options. You can adjust colors, speed, zoom, parallax, and add other effects.

The app also has a diverse library of animated wallpapers to pick from. But the highlight is the ability to intricately tweak the wallpapers to get the exact look and feel you want.


  • Ton of customization over each wallpaper

  • Diverse animated wallpaper library

  • Adjust colors, speed, effects, etc.


  • Can be overwhelming with options

  • Doesn't utilize your own videos/photos

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5. Pix Wallpapers - Best Integration with Apple Live Photos

Pix Wallpapers utilizes your existing Apple Live Photos to create live wallpapers. If you already have Live Photos, Pix provides an easy way to use them as animated backgrounds.

You can both use your own Live Photos from your library or choose from Pix's curated selections. After picking the Live Photo, Pix seamlessly converts it into a live wallpaper with just a tap. It works great with the lock screen or home screen.


  • Uses existing Apple Live Photos

  • Works great on lock and home screens

  • Simple one-click setup


  • Only uses Photos from your library

  • Doesn't allow video conversions

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With the ability to now use live wallpapers, iPhone users can make their phones feel more unique and personalized. The apps we covered range from IntoLive for custom video conversions to Vellum for minimalist animated art, while Wallcraft provides a huge variety of dynamic styles. Whether you want a sci-fi or nature theme, to customize colors and effects, convert videos, or use Live Photos, there are great options for iPhone users to try. Install a new animated wallpaper app today and enjoy eye-catching motion on your lock screen.

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