Best Fitness Apps for Android in 2023

Keep track, get guidance, and stay motivated!

By Abhishek Chandel
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Best Fitness Apps for Android

Best Fitness Apps for Android

Are you looking for the best fitness apps to help you stay on track with your health and fitness goals? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the top fitness apps available for Android devices. From tracking your workouts and nutrition to providing personalized exercise plans and motivation, these apps have everything you need to achieve your fitness goals. So, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, read on to discover the best fitness apps for Android!

1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular diet and exercise tracking apps. It has an extensive food database with over 6 million items, making it easy to log calories. The app can also scan barcodes on packaged foods to automatically import nutritional information. MyFitnessPal syncs with many other apps and devices to bring all your fitness data into one place. You can connect with friends for accountability and participate in challenges.


  • Huge database of foods makes logging easy

  • Barcode scanner simplifies tracking

  • Syncs with apps and devices

  • Social features and challenges

  • Macros and nutritional breakdowns

  • Restaurant foods in database


  • Tedious to log all foods

  • User generated data can be inaccurate

  • Must manually search for some foods

  • Mobile ads and push notifications

  • Premium subscription required for full access

Price: Free version with ads & Premium: $9.99 per month or $49.99 per year

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2. Strava

Strava is the go-to app for tracking runs, rides, swims, and other workouts using GPS. It provides detailed statistics like distance, pace, speed, elevation gain, and heart rate when connected to compatible devices. You can join challenges, compare performance against past workouts, and share your activities with friends. Strava caters to all athletes with features tailored for runners, cyclists, swimmers, and more.


  • Tracks wide range of activities via GPS

  • Detailed stats like distance, speed, elevation

  • Segment feature compares times on routes

  • Social challenges and leaderboards

  • Motivating to improve personal records


  • Drains phone battery quickly

  • Requires separate heart rate monitor

  • Subscription needed for full analysis

  • Potential safety concerns sharing routes

Price: Free version with limited features & Premium: $5 per month

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3. Fitbit App

For those with a Fitbit device, the Fitbit app is the perfect companion. It automatically syncs your Fitbit data including steps taken, heart rate, sleep stages, and more. Log your workouts, food intake, and water consumption. Set goals and use the app dashboard to monitor your progress. Connect with friends for contests and see how your fitness stats compare. Premium unlocks guidance, customized programs, health reports, and more.


  • Auto-syncs data from Fitbit devices

  • Tracks steps, sleep, heart rate, calories

  • Log workouts, food, water, weight

  • Goal setting and tracking

  • Social challenges with friends

  • Premium perks like guided programs


  • Requires Fitbit device to use

  • Limited workout tracking without device

  • Food database smaller than MyFitnessPal's

  • App can be buggy at times

  • Subscription required for some features

Price: Free if using just the app & Fitbit Premium: $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year

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4. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club offers a massive library of free workouts spanning strength training, HIIT, yoga, mobility, endurance, and more. Video and audio instructions guide you through each exercise. Build customized workout plans tailored to your goals. The app tracks your progress so you can see improvements over time. NTC makes it easy to get a great workout in at home.


  • Huge library of free workouts

  • Variety: strength, HIIT, yoga, etc.

  • Customizable workout plans

  • Video instructions guide moves

  • Track progress over time

  • No equipment required


  • Requires smartphone or internet

  • Not personalized to your fitness

  • Can't build full custom programs

  • Limited workout data provided

  • Some features locked for members

Price: App is free to download & Nike Membership: $14.99 per month or $119.99 per year

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5. MapMyRun

MapMyRun is a versatile GPS run tracking app that provides audio cues for your pace and distance as you workout. It uses your phone's GPS to map out your running route so you can view the exact distance traveled. Sync MapMyRun with wearables like smartwatches and fitness trackers to import additional workout data. After each run, you'll get detailed statistics like speed, total distance, elevation gained, calories burned, and more. Easily track your runs over time to see progress and share routes with friends. MapMyRun is a comprehensive tool for runners of all levels.


  • GPS maps out running routes

  • Audio pace and distance cues

  • Syncs with wearables

  • Speed, distance, elevation stats

  • Save and share routes


  • Requires smartphone with GPS

  • Battery drain from GPS

  • Subscription for full access

  • Audio cues may be distracting

  • Inaccurate data in poor GPS areas

Price: Free version with ads & MVP Membership: $5.99 per month or $29.99 per year

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6. Sworkit

Sworkit creates custom exercise videos matching your goals, with no equipment required. Just select the duration from 5 minutes to a full hour-long workout. Get guided video exercises spanning strength training, HIIT, yoga, Pilates, cardio, stretching, and more. The variety helps spice up your routine. Sworkit also tracks your activity so you can see yourself improve week after week. Goal setting and meal planning features provide extra motivation. With thousands of videos available, you'll never get bored. Sworkit makes it simple to squeeze in an effective workout at home.


  • Massive library of guided videos

  • Variety of workout types

  • Custom duration from 5-60 mins

  • No equipment required

  • Track progress over time


  • Requires smartphone or internet

  • Can get repetitive over time

  • Limited customization

  • No modifications from real trainer

  • Some features locked behind paywall

Price: App is free to download. The Personal plan: $9.99 per month & Family plan: $14.99 per month

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In summary, there are a variety of excellent fitness apps available for Android that cater to all types of workouts and goals. Apps like MyFitnessPal and Fitbit excel at food and nutrition tracking, while Strava and MapMyRun are ideal for logging cardio workouts. For at-home exercises, Sworkit and Nike Training Club offer massive libraries of free guided workout videos. Consider your personal fitness aims, must-have features, budget, and tech compatibility when choosing one or two apps to try. Take advantage of free trials before committing to paid subscriptions. Finding just one app that you enjoy using consistently can make a big difference in building sustainable healthy habits over time.

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