Best Casual Games for Android in 2023

On Android, you can play quick and engaging casual games. Relax and entertain on the go with this app!

By Abhishek Chandel
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Best Casual Games for Android

Best Casual Games for Android

Casual mobile gaming has exploded in popularity, providing quick and entertaining experiences perfect for killing time. Simple, easy-to-pick-up games allow you to dive in and play in short bursts. Smartphones and tablets are loaded with a myriad of casual games spanning different genres and mechanics. These bite-sized gaming sessions are great for destressing or taking a needed break.

This article highlights some of the most notable and highest-quality casual game offerings available across mobile devices. The highlights provide just a taste of the variety of casual games worth checking out.

1. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga remains one of the most popular match-3 puzzle games. With hundreds of bright, colorful levels and various objectives, Candy Crush provides hours of satisfying gameplay. Match candies to clear them from the board, using strategic swiping and matching combinations. Popping rows of candies accompanied by fun music and celebrations is intrinsically rewarding. New users will be hooked right away trying to progress through this immersive sugary world.

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2. Angry Birds 2

For physics-based action, it's hard to beat Angry Birds 2. This sequel to the hugely popular game brings better graphics, new bird abilities, and challenging boss fights. Pull back and fling birds at precariously constructed buildings and structures. Aim for collapse by knocking out key supports and objects placed in your way. With multi-stage levels and spells you can activate for an advantage, Angry Birds 2 improves on its predecessor.

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3. Alto's Odyssey

Looking for a more relaxing casual gaming experience? Check out Alto's Odyssey. This beautiful side-scrolling endless runner places you on a journey through procedurally generated picturesque landscapes. Tap to jump and perform tricks on your sandboard, avoiding obstacles and capturing llamas. The soothing visuals and music make Alto's Odyssey perfect for calming your mind. The gameplay is simple but endlessly enjoyable.

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4. Doodle Jump

For fast-paced twitch action, Doodle Jump remains a classic. Jump from platform to platform guiding your doodle character as high as possible. The vertical platforming gameplay is simple but addictive. As you jump higher, new themes get unlocked, providing fun visual variety. Powerups and springs help you reach greater heights. With easy touch controls, Doodle Jump is a go-to for quick arcade gaming sessions.

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5. Words with Friends 2

If you enjoy social games, Words with Friends 2 connects you with friends or random opponents in fun wordplay competition. Take turns creating crossword like words on a board, aiming to score more points than your opponent. Chat with friends or friendly strangers while challenging your vocabulary skills. Overall, Words with Friends 2 captures the appeal of classic word games like Scrabble in a polished mobile package.

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The five games highlighted above provide just a taste of the myriad quick and entertaining casual gaming experiences available on Android phones. Whether you want to relax, kill time waiting in line, or take a much-needed break, Android casual games have you covered. With bright colors, simple controls, and bite-sized gaming sessions, it's no wonder casual mobile games remain hugely popular. Be sure to check out the variety of options available to find your perfect way to casually game on the go.

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