14 Best Siri Commands for AirPods You Should Know in 2024

Discover the key Siri commands to enhance your AirPods experience. From music controls to phone calls, make the most of hands-free convenience with your wireless earbuds.

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Best Siri Commands for AirPods You Should Know

Best Siri Commands for AirPods You Should Know

Apple's AirPods have become increasingly popular wireless earbuds. With AirPods, you can access Siri completely hands-free to control music playback, handle phone calls, and more using just your voice. In this article, I'll share the top Siri commands and features you should know to get the most out of your AirPods.

How to Activate Siri on AirPods

Siri allows you to control your AirPods and get things done using just your voice. Here are the ways to activate Siri depending on your AirPods model:

For 1st Generation AirPods:

  • Double-tap either AirPod to activate Siri. You'll hear a chime when Siri starts listening.

For 2nd Generation AirPods:

  • Say "Hey Siri" out loud to instantly launch Siri in a hands-free way.

For AirPods Pro and AirPods Max:

  • Press and hold the force sensor or crown button to activate Siri by default.

For All Models:

  • You can customize Siri activation in Bluetooth settings. Choose between "Hey Siri", double tap, button press, or disable Siri.

Once Siri is activated through your preferred launch method, you can start requesting tasks, getting information, controlling music, and more. Speak naturally after the Siri activation tone.

Now let's look at some of the key voice commands you can use with Siri on your AirPods

Best Siri Commands for AirPods

1. Playback Controls

Siri makes it easy to control music and podcasts playing on your AirPods:

1.1 "Play/Pause music"

This starts playing audio again or pauses the current track.

1.2 "Skip to next song"

Skips to the next track in your playlist or album.

1.3 "Go back"

Goes back to the previous song.

1.4 "Turn up/down volume"

Increases or decreases the volume.

1.5 "Repeat this song"

Replays the current song again.

2. Playlist and Music Requests

You can request specific media using Siri on AirPods:

2.1 "Play [playliist name]"

Starts playing a playlist of your choice from your music library.

2.2 "Play songs by [artist]"

Plays music by a specific artist.

2.3 "Play [song name]"

Plays a certain song immediately on request.

2.4 "Shuffle my playlist"

Randomly shuffles the songs in the current playlist you're listening to.

3. Phone Calls

Siri enables hands-free phone calls directly through your AirPods:

3.1 "Call [contact name]"

Call someone in your contacts list using their saved number.

3.2 "Answer call"

Answers an incoming phone call on your AirPods.

3.3 "Decline call"

Rejects and sends an incoming call to voicemail.

4. Siri Read Notifications

You can also have Siri read your latest notifications and messages directly on your AirPods:

4.1 "Read my notifications"

Siri will read off recent notifications from your various apps.

4.2 "Read my messages"

Siri reads your latest text messages or iMessages.

Get the Most from Your AirPods with Siri

With the ability to control music, handle phone calls, and access your information completely hands-free, Siri makes AirPods even more useful. Use the Siri commands outlined above to enjoy seamless access and manage your AirPods without needing to touch your iPhone. Siri helps maximize the convenience and potential of your AirPods.

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