7 Best Racing wheels for PlayStation 5

Explore seven top-rated racing wheels for PS5, including Thrustmaster, Logitech, and HORI models. Find the perfect wheel to unlock the full driving potential of your PlayStation 5 games.

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Best Racing wheels for PlayStation 5

Racing wheels for PlayStation 5

With simulation racing continuing to grow in popularity on the PlayStation platform, choosing the best racing wheel is key to getting the most sophisticated experience possible on the PS5. Whether you're a newcomer to the genre or a seasoned veteran, having a wheel that can unlock the console's full driving potential is ideal.

This guide evaluates seven top-rated racing wheel options currently available and their ideal fit for PlayStation 5 games. Features like force feedback, button mappings and compatibility are analyzed. Ranging from entry-level to high-fidelity setups, we'll help you select the perfect wheel to take your PS5 simulations to new heights, regardless of your skill level or budget.

1. Thrustmaster T150 RS Racing Wheel

The T150 RS provides an accessible entry into sim racing. Its sizeable 11-inch rim wrapped in leather allows for a realistic steering feel. Force feedback is produced smoothly through a belt pulley system, bringing lively vibrations from the road surfaces.


 With up to 1080 degrees of rotation, you'll navigate every winding corner with precision. An optical sensor ensures buttery-smooth handling is replicated in-game too. Wide compatibility across PlayStation and PC makes this a versatile choice for any setup.


  • Realistic 11-inch leather-wrapped wheel

  • Smooth belt drive force feedback

  • Up to 1080-degree steering rotation

  • Compatible with multiple platforms


  • Force feedback levels below direct drive

  • Rotation range limited compared to higher-end wheels

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2. Logitech G29 Racing Wheel

The G29 by Logitech is a premier racing wheel for dominating the track on PS5, PS4 and PC. Its true-to-life steering with 900° rotation and precise throttle/brake response put you right in the cockpit. Premium leather grips and helical gearing deliver immersive steering feedback lap after lap. Non-linear brake pedals nail downshifts to the millisecond.


 Tweak everything through Logitech's G HUB software too. It's also certified carbon neutral for eco-friendly racing fun. Bring home gold with high-fidelity controls, compatibility across platforms, and integrated shifter compatibility.


  • Immersive force feedback and 900° steering rotation

  • Premium leather wheel and helical gearing

  • Crisp throttle/brake response via non-linear pedals

  • Works on PS5, PS4 and PC

  • Configurable via Logitech G HUB software


  • Feedback is weaker than direct drive models

  • Pedals may require additional mounting

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3. Thrustmaster TGT 2

Gran Turismo fans will feel right at home with the TGT 2. It's premium leather wrapping and internal auto-grade components construct a flagship wheel worthy of the fastest rides. 25 buttons and elegant dials ensure full car control. Thanks to its next-gen brushless motor, force feedback bites back with precision and immediacy.


 Modular wheels can be changed to suit different vehicles as well. Quality is guaranteed, with each component built to excel across hundreds of hours of track time.


  • Customizable wheel and modular designs

  • Next-gen brushless motor for sharp force feedback

  • Built with automotive-grade components

  • Optimized controls for Gran Turismo


  • Primarily designed for one game

  • Additional wheel packs are sold separately

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Versatility is key for simmers enjoying diverse racing genres. The T248P delivers with its adjustable rim for multiple driving positions. Within its leather palm rests an arsenal of buttons for total customization. Dynamic force feedback syncs perfectly to your wheel's motion via a dual-belt system too.


 An interactive dashboard and on-wheel adjustment further place you in command during races. Wide compatibility and premium materials make this an excellent long-term wheel.


  • Leather wheel with adjustable driving positions

  • 25+ programmable controls and dashboard display

  • Compatible with all major consoles and PC

  • On-wheel force feedback adjustment


  • Feedback is weaker than direct drive options

  • Higher price than some entry-level wheels

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5. Logitech G923 Racing Wheel and Pedals

Experience builds to championships, and the G923 handles like a proven winner. Its brushed metal wheel and hand-stitched leather exude luxury. TRUEFORCE brings every surface sensation to reality through up to 1000 Hz feedback. Programmable clutches perfect your starts in the flashiest of rides.

 24-point selectors and RGB LEDs ensure total car mastery. Refined pedals and modular design complete the premium package. Logitech's customization software opens unlimited personalization too.


  • Realistic 1000Hz TRUEFORCE haptics

  • Premium metal and leather construction

  • Intuitive dual-clutch and robust controls

  • Extensive customization in G HUB software


  • Force feedback below high-end direct drive

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6. Thrustmaster Ferrari 488 GT3 Wheel Add-On

For virtual racers loving Italian exotics, nothing matches the thrill of the 488 GT3. This module authentically captures the wheel in all its scarlet beauty. Non-slip grips hold tight through drifting manoeuvers. A near 95-degree rotation angle lets you place the vehicle exactly as needed in each turn.

 With T-MOD positioning, you can perfectly situate it for hours of play. Plugged into compatible bases, Force Feedback awakens the V8's heart-pounding might. Supported titles provide astonishing Ferrari realism.


  • Perfectly capturing the Ferrari 488 wheel

  • Adjustable 95-degree steering rotation

  • T-MOD toolless mounting system

  • Customizable in supported games


  • Requires compatible Thrustmaster base

  • Limited game compatibility

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7. HORI Racing Wheel Apex

Accessible entry lets more simulation fans get behind the virtual driver's seat. This racer mimics full size with its comfortable design. A burly clamp safely holds it in place without risk of slippage. Forceful turns are handled through 270 degrees of sensitivity too.

 Basic adjustments are made simply via app profiles. Licensed for top racing games on PlayStation, it brings the essential experience without breaking the bank. Reliable construction means lasting driving fun wherever your career may lead.


  • Full-size racing wheel for console use

  • Secure clamp and 270-degree rotation

  • Customizable profiles through HORI app

  • Licensed for PlayStation compatibility


  • Basic force feedback and features

  • Lower-end compared to other wheels

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In closing, all seven of these wheels are excellent choices for fully immersing yourself in the racing world of PlayStation 5. However, factors like feedback strengths, button layouts and price points mean different models suit varying playstyles. Options like the T150, T248 and G923 strike a great balance for most users, while HORI offers a quality budget-friendly choice.

Regardless of which one you select, pairing one of these officially licensed wheels with the hardware muscle of the PS5 is sure to offer simulations like never before. Use the comparisons here to identify which provides the precise driving feel and controls you need to dominate each track on Sony's latest platform.

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