6 Best Drones for Photography in 2024

Unlock breathtaking perspectives with these top drones designed for aerial photography and videography. Find the perfect drone for your creative needs.

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6 Best Drones for Photography

6 Best Drones for Photography

Aerial photography has been revolutionized by drone technology in recent years. Drones provide easy access to unique bird's-eye perspectives and shots that previously required expensive equipment and specialists to operate. With so many consumer drone models now equipped with high quality cameras and intelligent flight modes, new creative possibilities have opened up for photographers and videographers. This article will cover 6 of the top drone options available for stunning aerial photography and videography.

1. DJI Air 2S

The DJI Air 2S is an excellent choice for aerial photography and videography. It has a 1-inch CMOS sensor capable of capturing 20MP photos and 5.4K video footage. The 31 minute maximum flight time gives you ample time in the air to get great shots.

The Air 2S has omnidirectional obstacle sensing for safety, and it can transmit HD video feeds up to 12km away back to your controller. With its combination of image quality, flight performance, and intelligent features, the Air 2S is one of the top all-around drones for photography right now.


  • Great camera resolution and image quality

  • Long flight time

  • Obstacle avoidance

  • Long transmission range


  • Poor low-light camera performance

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2. DJI Mavic 3 Pro

As DJI's flagship drone, the Mavic 3 Pro is designed specifically for professional-level aerial photography and videography. It features a unique triple camera setup, including a large 20MP 4/3” Hasselblad camera capable of stunning image quality.

With a maximum 43 minute flight time and 15km HD video transmission range, you can capture images far and wide. The Mavic 3 Pro also comes with multiple intelligent shooting and safety features to help you get the perfect shot every time.


  • Best in class image quality

  • Very long flight time

  • Advanced intelligent shooting modes

  • Long transmission range


  • Very expensive

  • Heavy and bulky

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3. DJI Mini 3

Weighing under 634g, the DJI Mini 3 offers an extremely portable way to capture aerial photos and video footage. Despite its small size, it can shoot very respectable 4K video and 12MP photos. A maximum flight time of 38 minutes gives you plenty of time to line up unique perspectives and vantage points.

The Mini 3 is also packed with handy intelligent shooting modes like panoramas, hyperlapses, and QuickShots. For travel and outdoor photography, the Mini 3 provides an ideal lightweight aerial imaging solution.


  • Extremely compact and portable

  • Solid photo and video quality

  • Long flight time for its size

  • Intelligent shooting modes


  • Lower resolution than some alternatives

  • Less robust in windy conditions

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4. Autel EVO Lite+

The Autel EVO Lite+ provides great value for those looking for professional camera capabilities. It shoots 6K video and 20MP photos, with modes like HDR, low-light, and an adjustable aperture. With a 40 minute flight time and 7.4 mile transmission range, you can capture stunning landscapes and scenes.

The Lite+ also features Autel's robust obstacle avoidance system for navigating safely. For photographers and videographers on a budget, the EVO Lite+ delivers fantastic imaging power at a more affordable price point.


  • 6K camera with pro features

  • 40 minute flight time

  • Long transmission range

  • Advanced obstacle avoidance


  • Autel not as well known drone brand

  • Fewer intelligent flight modes

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5. DJI Avata

As DJI's first person view (FPV) focused drone, the Avata offers an immersive and exciting flying experience for dynamic photography and videography. It has a 4K video camera with a super wide 155° field of view, allowing you to capture the action up close.

The onboard camera stabilizes footage even while performing fast maneuvers. With 18 minutes of flight time, it's designed for quick shooting flights and responsive control. For travel vlogging, action sports, or cinematic racing shots, the Avata is a great option.


  • Exciting and responsive FPV flight

  • Stabilized 4K video footage

  • 155° wide angle FOV


  • Shorter flight time

  • Steeper learning curve than other drones

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6. DJI Mavic 3

The DJI Mavic 3 is an outstanding all-around drone for aerial photography. It features a 5.1K Hasselblad camera on a 3-axis gimbal capable of capturing excellent 12MP photos. With 46 minutes of maximum flight time and a 15km HD video transmission range, the Mavic 3 can cover a lot of ground for mapping large areas.

The onboard omnidirectional obstacle sensing provides peace of mind while capturing complex shots. Reliable, portable, and equipped with a great camera, the Mavic 3 hits the sweet spot for many aerial photographers.


  • Excellent Hasselblad camera

  • Very long 46 minute flight time

  • 15km transmission range

  • Omnidirectional obstacle sensing


  • Higher price point

  • Large size less convenient for travel

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Drone and camera technology will only continue to rapidly advance, bringing even more professional-level features to consumer models. Drones are already fundamentally changing fields like filmmaking, journalism, inspection, mapping and more. For hobbyists, drones provide simple access to novel aerial perspectives. Whichever drone you choose, make sure to learn about safe and responsible flight practices. With a quality drone in hand, you’ll be able to capture the world from inspiring new heights.

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