US and UK Forge Historic Alliance to Ensure AI Safety and Security

In an unprecedented move, the United States and Britain join hands to confront AI risks, emphasizing responsible governance, safety measures, and collaborative initiatives such as joint trials and knowledge exchange.

By Raunak Bose
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The US and the UK are joining hands to regulate the use of AI (Image via TechFirstNow)

The United States and Britain, at the forefront of the global community, have come together to solve the challenges that AI throws at them. Gina Raimondo, the current Secretary of Commerce, and the UK's Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport, Michelle Donelan have officially called for a pact on artificial intelligence safety. This will be the beginning of a joint effort to deal with AI safety concerns.

Raimondo said, “We all know that AI is the underlying theme of the generation.” This cooperation should be seen as an attempt to speed up the process of tackling the risks involved in AI, not only in the context of national security but also related to broader societal issues. 

Among the central aspects of this collaboration is performing joint trials with readily accessible AI models. This approach will help the nations to better comprehend the strengths and possible risks involved in this type of model.

Joint Trials and Knowledge Exchange in the US-UK AI Safety Partnership

 The necessity of handling AI risks is key above all, especially the time when several kinds of AI models are getting ready for deployment. “This is the first agreement of its kind anywhere in the world,” emphasized Donelan.

Gina Raimondo and Michelle Donelan
Left - Gina Raimondo & Right - Michelle Donelan (Images via Getty Images)

The Biden administration has been focusing on not only dealing with emerging AI risks but also expanding its AI team, which clearly affirms the President's efforts to combat it. Moreover, the US and UK countries would like to exchange information about AI skills and threats mutually, and also, to carry on joint research on AI security and safety.

The executive order issued by President Biden to address the risks of AI proves that the USA is prioritizing the responsible governance of AI. In addition to this, the UK throwing a significant amount of funding towards the creation of new research centres illustrates that it is a necessary endeavour to track AI research alongside the regulation of artificial intelligence.

Gina Raimondo revealed she is worried about AI misuse, which may be used as bioterrorism or for the simulation of war games. Such revelation thereby underscores the need for strong regulations. She stated, We really have to have zero tolerance for some of these models being used for that capability."

The AI safety collaboration between the USA and Britain is a major milestone towards the assurance of the safety of AI software applications as it will benefit the entire world in overcoming AI hurdles. 

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