Google Pushes for AI Solutions to Enhance Business Capabilities

Google’s advancements in AI and cloud computing, focusing on Gemini’s versatile applications in enterprise settings, while examining the evolving regulatory landscape and its implications for tech giants investing in generative AI technology

By Raunak Bose
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Google is pushing for AI solutions to advance its business capabilities (Image via TechFirstNNow)

Google, one of the giants of technology, has recently developed a lot of AI and cloud computing solutions that could attract business users if Google manages to introduce or market them better. In the last cloud computing conference, the company featured Gemini, an AI model with distinctive functionalities applicable to enterprise applications and also promoting a heightened standard of safety.

Thomas Kurian, the CEO of Google Cloud, illustrated how Gemini can be used for different company needs in the front. Gemini plays a leading role as a creator of websites and advertisements, an official content-generation machine, a security-providing tool, and an information channel that gathers search results from Google. Thus, Gemini stands at the cutting edge of digital platforms that make businesses run. 

Kurian Assures Resolution of Gemini’s Content Creation Concerns

Despite the initial setbacks, such as the need to restrict the limits of Gemini due to the creation of disturbing content by users, Kurian still assured the potential clients that issues of such nature have been effectively resolved. As per Bloomberg News, Kurian is assured that these obstacles are no longer a concern to customers who want to tap the power of Gemini.

Thomas Kurian CEO of Google Cloud
Thomas Kurian CEO of Google Cloud (Image via Getty Images)
AI technologies are diverse. Google, as well as other tech firms such as Microsoft and Meta, are investing heavily in the development of artificial intelligence technologies. The industry in itself wants to transition from an innovation-centric phase to a phase where innovation not only offers personal but business benefits as well.
Consequently, this tends to augment the level of regulatory scrutiny and speed of adoption. In Europe, ethical guidelines have been introduced through the AI Act and there is an executive order issued by U.S. President Joe Biden that promotes the ethical use of AI in different sectors.
Meanwhile, as businesses that tend to rely more on AI are looking to improve their efficiency and competitiveness, ethical AI practices also become of the highest importance. Google endeavours to carve a niche as a trusted AI partner by highlighting its safety standards and showcasing how AI can improve business input. Through models such as Gemini AI and by providing cloud computing services, Google earns the reputation of a responsible AI innovation actor, furnishing SMEs with additional opportunities all in the digital age.

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