Google Podcasts Bids Farewell, YouTube Music Takes Center Stage

Google Podcasts bids farewell as YouTube Music steps into the spotlight, marking a pivotal transition in the world of audio streaming and the beginning of a new era

By Raunak Bose
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Google Podcast

Google Podcast (Image via Google)

Google Podcasts, a heavy player in the world of audio streaming, is calling it the last round. As of the 2nd of April, the streaming of podcasts via the Google Podcasts app will be terminated for users in the US. However, do not get depressed, because with this disaster a sign of a transition plan shows up.

Google has been pushing audio and video podcasts through YouTube music, hence the sunsetting of the Google Podcasts app comes as part of the strategic move. A notice was made on the blog last year while an app notification announced the shutdown earlier this month. Now as the time of the last hour draws closer, a warning is displayed on the app's homepage. The warning urges people to safeguard their digital belongings.

Transition Podcast Subscriptions to ensure a smooth shift to YouTube Music

When you shift your podcasts, some admirers new and old will gracefully adjust to the change while others will not. Some of our favourites might not transfer and will display the disappointing message “Content is unavailable.” 

The process of securing your podcast subscriptions requires a seamless transfer to YouTube Music or the preferred podcast platform. The steps are rather simple even though they are critical in maintaining your listening collection.

  1. Launch Google Podcasts on your device.
  2. Go to the shutdown notice and click on "Export Subscription."
  3. Select "Export to YouTube Music".
  4. Choose your Gmail account.
  5. Wait a few minutes till the transfer is done.

Judging from the circumstances, there is no reason to panic. Manual inclusion is still possible in these circumstances and they can be entered into the profile using the RSS feed link. Through this means your link with the podcasts that you love so much stays intact, so you'll have the pleasure of continuing your experience.

YouTube Music
YouTube Music

On top of it, there is a chance that if you are thinking of replacing your subscription with YouTube Music the transition will require more attention. You have to do this by visiting Google Takeout to get an OPML file as well. On the contrary, this may seem to be an extra step but it won’t keep you away. It is time to embrace the change and explore the opportunities that these changes have created for your listening.

Despite the fact that Google Podcasts is stepping aside, YouTube Music takes the stage as the new wave of music. With this, you are about to join another chapter of your podcasting life so that you can explore that world in all its potential. Thus, the transition may be hard at first, but do not forget that it is indeed where you are ensured that what lies ahead is flawless as it will be full of positive changes and happenings.

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