5 Fixes for Weather Widget Not Updating on Mac

Fix macOS Sonoma Weather widget issues! Enable location, check internet, update macOS. Troubleshoot for accurate, real-time weather on your Mac.

By Abhishek Chandel
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5 Fixes for Weather Widget Not Updating on Mac

5 Fixes for Weather Widget Not Updating on Mac

The weather widget on the Mac desktop provides at-a-glance access to real-time temperatures and conditions for your location. This saves you from needing to open a weather app or website every time you want to quickly check the forecast. However, some Mac users have reported issues with the widget failing to update after installing macOS Sonoma. If your weather widget is stuck or not showing current data, this article will walk through the top troubleshooting tips to get it working properly again. With just a few simple fixes, you can have the convenience of an up-to-date weather report right on your Mac's desktop once again.

1. Enable Location Access for Weather Widget

In order for the Weather widget to provide accurate real-time information, it needs access to your Mac's location services. So the first thing you should check is if location access is enabled for the widget.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to do this:

  1. Click on the Apple menu and select System Settings.

  2. Click on Security & Privacy settings pane.

  3. Select the Privacy tab and choose Location Services in the left sidebar.

  4. Check if the toggle switch next to Location Services is enabled (green).

  5. Scroll down the apps list and check the toggle switch for Weather.

  6. If disabled, click to enable toggle and choose an access option like "While Using the App".

  7. Close System Settings window.

  8. Give the Weather widget a few minutes to refresh data.

2. Check Internet Connection

Since the Weather widget fetches cloud-based data to update, it requires a stable internet connection on your Mac.

  1. Go to Apple menu > System Settings.

  2. Open the Network settings.

  3. Click your connected Wi-Fi network.

This will ensure your Mac gets full Wi-Fi internet speeds for a consistent weather feed.

3. Remove and Add Widget Again

Before moving to more advanced fixes, try quickly resetting the Weather widget by removing it fully from the desktop space and adding it back:

  1. Right-click on the Weather widget and select Remove Widget.

  2. Again right-click empty space on desktop.

  3. Choose the Edit Widgets menu option.

  4. Search for the Weather widget and select the + icon to add the widget back.

  5. Change any widget settings if needed and click Done.

4. Manually Set Location in Weather Widget

If you still see no location data or prefer entering a custom location, you can also set this directly in the Weather widget settings:

  1. Right click the Weather widget and select Edit Widget.

  2. Click on the location text which probably shows "My Location".

  3. Search and select your desired city.

  4. Click the Done button to save changes.

  5. Allow a few minutes for weather data to show up.

5. Update to latest macOS

You can also attempt updating your Mac to the latest macOS version available from Apple. This can fix bugs and issues with first-party apps and widgets.

Here are the steps to update macOS:

  1. Click on the Apple menu and select System Settings.

  2. Click on General settings.

  3. Look for any Software Update option.

  4. Click to open Software Update preferences.

  5. Install any macOS updates shown as available.

  6. Follow the prompts to restart your Mac to complete installation.

  7. After Mac reboots, check if the Weather widget works fine.


Troubleshooting annoying tech issues often simply requires methodically working through a few logical troubleshooting steps. As we have covered, there are several useful fixes you should try to get the Weather widget updating properly again after a macOS Sonoma update. Start simple by toggling location access, verifying internet connectivity, restarting the widget, manually set location in the weather widget, or updating macOS. With this collection of troubleshooting tips for the Weather widget, you now have the essential knowledge to diagnose the root cause and get this handy desktop tool working reliably.

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