How to Undo and Redo on a Mac

Unleash the power of the undo and redo shortcuts on your Mac. Master the Command + Z and Shift + Command + Z for efficient reversal of actions!

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to Undo and Redo on a Mac

How to Undo and Redo on a Mac

Undoing and redoing actions is an invaluable tool when using your Mac. With a simple keyboard shortcut, you can reverse unwanted changes, fix mistakes, and freely experiment without permanence. The ability to undo typing, editing, file operations, and more gives you flexibility to boldly make changes, knowing any missteps are easily rectified. Learning how to leverage this powerful macOS capability will enhance your efficiency and productivity.

Undo and Redo Using the "Edit" Menu

Most applications have Undo and Redo options in the Edit menu at the top of the screen. You can click Edit > Undo > Redo to reverse or reinstate recent actions through this menu. The Edit menu will show the specific recent action that will be undone/redone.

Using the Undo Shortcut

The default undo shortcut on a Mac is Command + Z. Pressing Command + Z reverses your most recent action, allowing you to undo typing, deleting files, changes made in applications, and more. You can continue pressing Command + Z multiple times to continue undoing recent actions, taking you further back in time step-by-step.

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Using the Redo Shortcut

After pressing Command + Z to undo an action, you can press Shift + Command + Z to redo that action, reinstating the change you just reversed. Like undo, you can press Shift + Command + Z multiple times to continue redoing undone actions.

How to Redo on Mac by Keyboard Shortcut
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Using the universal Command + Z shortcut for undo and Shift + Command + Z for redo allows effortless reversal of actions across macOS applications. Undo/redo can also be accessed through the Edit menu in apps. Whether you customize the shortcuts or use defaults, building muscle memory of undo/redo will enable faster fixes, revisions, and experimental iterations. With an intuitive interface and system-wide support, Apple has optimized the Mac undo/redo experience beautifully. Allowing smooth backtracking and progress makes macOS feel alive, responsive, and ready to conform to your changing mind.

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