How To Factory Reset Macbook Air/Pro?

Explore the reasons to reset your MacBook and follow simple steps to erase all data, troubleshoot issues, or prepare for resale. Get a fresh start!

By Abhishek Chandel
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How To Factory Reset Macbook Air/Pro

How To Factory Reset Macbook Air/Pro

Resetting your MacBook Air or Pro to factory default settings can give the device a fresh start and help fix a variety of issues. This process completely erases all data, including documents, media files, installed apps, and system settings, restoring the original factory configuration. Factory resetting is commonly performed to troubleshoot software problems, remove personal data before selling a used MacBook, or reinstall a clean and clutter-free version of macOS. Before starting the reset, be sure to back up any important files you want to keep using Time Machine, cloud storage, external drive, or another method. With a few simple steps, you can wipe your MacBook and start fresh.

Reasons to Reset Your MacBook

Troubleshooting Software and Hardware Issues:- Resetting the MacBook erases everything and does a fresh install of macOS. This can resolve software bugs, glitches, crashes, and other issues caused by apps, files, or configurations on your system. Resetting flushes out any problems and gives you a clean slate.

Preparing to Sell or Gift Your MacBook:- Before selling or gifting your used MacBook, you'll want to make sure all personal data is removed. Resetting the device erases all your files, accounts, and settings and resets it to factory condition so no sensitive data is accessible by the next owner.

Fresh and Clean MacOS Install:- Some people like to reset their MacBook annually or every few years to clear out any unused apps, files, or system configurations. Resetting does a clean install of macOS to give you a fresh, clutter-free environment.

Steps to Factory Reset Macbook from System Settings

1. From the Apple menu in the top left corner, choose System Settings.

2. Click on General in the sidebar.

3. Select Transfer or Reset on the right.

4. Click on Erase All Content and Settings.

5. An erase assistant will prompt you to enter your admin password to confirm. Enter your password and click OK.

6. You can choose to backup your Mac first using Time Machine or an external drive. Or select Continue without backing up.

macOS Erase All Content & Settings Time Machine Backup window

7. Click Continue again to confirm you want to erase all data and settings.

macOS Erase All Content & Settings window showing items that will also be removed

8. If asked, enter your Apple ID password and click Continue. Finally, click Erase All Content & Settings to begin the reset process.

9. Your Mac will restart, show a progress bar, and reconnect to WiFi/Bluetooth. Select a WiFi network if prompted. Click Restart after connecting.


10. The setup assistant will launch to guide you through setting up your Mac like new. If selling your Mac, hold the power button to turn it off instead of using the setup assistant.


In summary, a factory reset erases all data and settings on your MacBook Air or Pro, restoring it to its original out-of-the-box condition. This can provide several benefits, like resolving software issues, removing personal information when selling, or giving you a brand new macOS environment. Just remember to fully back up your files using Time Machine, cloud storage, or an external hard drive prior to resetting. After completing the reset and initial setup steps, you can then restore your files and enjoy your freshly reset MacBook. Periodically resetting is an effective way to refresh your MacBook for optimal performance.

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