How to Add Files to Google Drive Online

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By Abhishek Chandel
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How to Add Files to Google Drive Online

How to Add Files to Google Drive Online

Google Drive is so handy for keeping all your important files accessible from anywhere. Rather than email documents between devices, Drive lets you upload files onto the cloud from any computer or phone. Anything saved to your Drive can then be instantly accessed from any other device signed into your Google account. It's the perfect solution for those times you can't access your regular laptop but still need a work file on your tablet or phone. This article will outline the straightforward steps to upload and manage files in your Google Drive online storage.

Step 1: Access Google Drive and Login

The first thing is to open up your web browser - whether that's on your laptop or phone. Type in the address This will take you to the Drive homepage. If it doesn't automatically log you in already, click on "Go to Drive" and it'll prompt you to sign in. At that point, just enter the email address and password you use for your Google account. Then hit the button to sign in.

Step 2: Upload Files to Google Drive

From the homepage, look up at the top left - you'll see a big "New" button. Go ahead and click that. A list of options will pop down so click on "File upload" to start bringing over your files. A new window will pop up just for selecting files.

Step 3: Select Files to Upload

Next, a file window will appear so you can pick the docs you need in Drive. Root around your computer folders to locate what you want to be saved in the cloud. No need to only select one at a time either - you can choose several files together if they're all in the same place. When you've found what you're after, simply click the "Open" button to queue them up for upload. Or if you prefer, just drag and drop the files right onto the upload prompt.

Step 4: Monitor Upload Progress

Now the files will start transferring over. A progress bar will pop up showing the upload status - up top on the mobile or bottom right on the desktop. Bigger documents may take longer than smaller ones, so just hang tight till each one hits 100% complete.

Step 5: View Uploaded Files

Once everything has been fully uploaded, you can find the new additions listed in your Drive storage space. Click any file to either preview it right there or download the original if you need it on your device. Folders will also show up together - tap one to see what's inside. And if the files get mixed in with older stuff, use the search bar to quickly find a recently added document by name. From here the files can be freely accessed from any device logged into your Google account.

Tips for managing your Google Drive storage:

  • Use the search bar to quickly find files by title, type, or keyword.

  • Color code files or folders using the labeling system to categorize and access them faster.

  • Access and upload files to Google Drive on mobile using the Google Drive app.

  • Check the recycle bin for any deleted files that can be restored.

  • When sharing files, you have the option to let people view, comment on, or fully edit the files.


Uploading files to your Google Drive cloud storage provides a convenient way to access them online from anywhere. Following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can quickly add files from your computer for safe cloud storage. Google Drive allows seamless file sharing and organization as well. With the ability to view, edit, collaborate on docs, and find files fast, Google Drive is a powerful productivity platform. Storing your files online with Google Drive eliminates the need for thumb drives or email attachments. Just log in to access all your stored files across devices and share them with a simple link.

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