Best Third-Party Media Players for Mac in 2024

Enhance your Mac media experience with these top-rated third-party players. Unleash features like advanced controls, and customization for optimal playback.

By Abhishek Chandel
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Best Third-Party Media Players for Mac

Best Third-Party Media Players for Mac

With the range of media formats and files out there today, Mac users need a solid media player to handle it all. While Apple's built-in options like QuickTime work fine, they lack the advanced features and customization available in third-party apps. In this article, we’ll highlight 6 of the best third-party media players for Mac based on performance, features, and overall user experience. Whether you need to play exotic codecs, lossless audio, or stream to your devices, these apps have you covered.

1. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player banned; website and VLC download link blocked in India -  BusinessToday

VLC Media Player is a free and open-source media player that is available for all major desktop platforms. With VLC, you can play virtually any media format, including exotic codecs and containers. It offers a highly customizable interface and useful features like screen recording and Chromecast support.

Key Features

  • Plays a huge variety of media formats, codecs and containers

  • Free, open source and cross-platform

  • Customizable interface with different skins

  • Screen recording and Chromecast streaming capabilities

  • Advanced controls like equalizer, subtitles, playlists

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IINA - The modern media player for macOS

IINA is a sleek, modern media player for Mac that focuses on a minimalist design and intuitive controls. It supports gestures with the trackpad for easily controlling media playback. IINA can play many internet media types like YouTube videos. The layout is highly customizable as well.

Key Features

  • Modern, minimalist design

  • Gesture controls for playback and volume

  • Supports web media like YouTube

  • Customizable control layouts

  • Range of skins available

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3. Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player : Best Player For Mac - Designbeep

Elmedia Player for Mac supports virtually any media file type you can throw at it. It offers AirPlay streaming as well as useful tools like a metadata editor. The free version includes the basics while a premium upgrade unlocks more features. Overall it provides a clean, intuitive interface and solid performance.

Key Features

  • Supports a wide array of media formats

  • AirPlay streaming to Apple TV and other devices

  • Metadata editor for managing music files

  • Free version available, paid upgrade unlocks bonus features

  • Clean, easy-to-use interface

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4. Infuse Player

Infuse video player adds built-in TV and movie trailers, smart groups for  sorting, more - 9to5Mac

Infuse is an elegant video player app designed for the Apple ecosystem. It seamlessly plays a wide variety of video, audio, and streaming formats. Infuse connects with cloud services to access files and libraries stored online. The interface is intuitive with touch-optimized playback controls.

Key Features

  • Designed for Apple TV, iPhone, iPad & Mac

  • Plays a wide range of file formats

  • Integrates with cloud services like Dropbox

  • Intuitive touch interface

  • AirPlay mirroring support

  • Subtitle support

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5. Movist

Movist on the Mac App Store

Movist is a full-featured media player designed specifically for the Mac OS environment. Along with robust format support, it includes tools for organizing and editing media files. Streaming from online services is supported, as are archive files like ZIP and RAR. The free version includes unobtrusive ads.

Key Features

  • Designed exclusively for Mac

  • Editing tools for trimming and splicing video

  • Online media support from YouTube etc.

  • Opens archives like ZIP, RAR, ISO

  • Free with ads, paid version ad-free

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6. MPV

mpv-android - Apps on Google Play

MPV is an open source, minimalist media player that focuses on being lightweight and powerful. It supports a huge array of formats and codecs. MPV is keyboard-driven, allowing advanced controls for power users. Highly customizable with some coding knowledge.

Key Features

  • Open source and cross-platform

  • Excellent format/codec support

  • Keyboard-driven usage

  • Highly customizable via coding

  • Lightweight and fast

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Wrap Up

In closing, tools like VLC, IINA, and Elmedia Player provide Mac users with robust media playback options beyond what Apple includes out of the box. Features like broad format support, streaming, and customization allow you to tailor your media experience. While QuickTime is handy for basic needs, power users will appreciate what these third-party players bring to the table. Try out the free options first, then explore premium additions like Infuse player as desired. Your media will look and sound better than ever.

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