What Is Stolen Device Protection for iPhone? How to Enable It

Learn about the new Stolen Device Protection feature in iOS 17.3. Follow the simple steps to enhance iPhone security and safeguard your data.

By Abhishek Chandel
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What Is Stolen Device Protection for iPhone? How to Enable It

What Is Stolen Device Protection for iPhone? How to Enable It

Apple has always prioritized user privacy and security, and their latest iOS update continues that trend. iOS 17.3 introduces a new capability called Stolen Device Protection to better safeguard data in case an iPhone gets stolen. With theft still a real concern for smartphone owners, this is a feature every user should turn on. So in this article, we'll see what Is Stolen Device Protection for iPhone? How you can Enable Stolen Device Protection on iPhone.

What Is Stolen Device Protection on iPhone?

Stolen Device Protection kicks in safeguards when your device is away from familiar locations like home or work. If someone gets access to your phone, they'll now face restrictions trying to meddle with settings or access sensitive information.

Certain actions will require authenticating with biometrics, even if the thief knows your passcode. This includes things like:

  • Viewing saved passwords

  • Disabling Lost Mode

  • Wiping the device

  • Accessing payment info

For your most private data, there's now a 1-hour mandatory wait after biometrics. This impacts changing Apple ID passwords, removing Apple ID devices, altering your phone passcode, and more. The wait period hinders those looking for quick account takeovers.

Of course, some data remains at risk if your passcode is known. But this feature unequivocally makes life harder for thieves trying to misuse your device or accounts.

What's Needed to Enable It?

To use Stolen Device Protection, you'll need:

  • iOS 17.3

  • A phone passcode

  • Face ID or Touch ID enabled

  • Find My activated

  • Significant Locations on

  • Two-factor authentication for your Apple ID

With those prerequisites met, taking advantage of the new safeguards is simple:

How to enable stolen device protection on iPhone?

1. In the first step open the settings app on your iPhone.

2. In the iPhone settings, scroll down & tap on the "Face ID & Passcode" option. After that, Enter your passcode.

3. Scroll down in "Face ID & Passcode" settings, & if you have iOS 17.3 then you'll see an option of  "Stolen Device Protection".  Here simply tap on the "Turn On Protection" button. That's all it takes to activate the new protections!

Stolen Device Protection introduces important new privacy safeguards for iPhone users. While not infallible, it unequivocally makes life harder for thieves trying to access your data or take over accounts. Every user should upgrade to iOS 17.3 to enable this capability. Combined with precautions like backups and app PINs, it provides another layer of protection for your sensitive information in case the unthinkable happens.

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