How to Set Up Multiple User Profiles on Android

Set up multiple user profiles on Android to enhance privacy. Separate data & personalize.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to Set Up Multiple User Profiles on Android

How to Set Up Multiple User Profiles on Android

Do you often find yourself sharing your Android device with others? If so, setting up multiple user profiles can be a great way to keep everyone’s personal settings, apps, and data separate and secure. 

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of creating multiple user profiles on your Android device. Whether you’re sharing with family or roommates, this guide will help you give everyone their own space on your shared device. So, let’s get started!

Why would you want to use multiple user profiles?

  • It permits you to maintain a strict separation of your personal data from that of other users. If family members or acquaintances also utilize your phone or tablet, establishing discrete profiles allows you to retain exclusivity over your contacts, photos, messages, and other data.

  • It provides minor dependents and transient guests with their own confined digital domains. If you have kids, generating a dedicated kids profile prevents them from accessing your applications or configurations. Similarly, a guest profile can be instantiated for temporary users.

  • Lastly, profiles enable you to experiment with applications and settings without impact upon your primary profile. If you wish to assess a novel app or configuration change, simply switch to an alternate profile. Thus, your primary profile remains unaltered should you rescind the modifications.

How to Set Up Multiple User Profiles on Android

1. Open the Settings app on your Android device & scroll down & tap on the users & accounts.


2. Then tap on the Multi-user option.

3. Tap on Add user.

4. Enter a name and profile picture for the new user.

5. Now to switch your user simply tap on the newly created user. 

Benefits of using multiple user profiles

Privacy - Each profile stores its own data and settings, so no one sees your stuff. This means you, your kids, and anyone else using the device can keep all your information and apps separate.

Convenience - When you create profiles for each person, everyone has their own space that's personalized just for them. This is great if your kids, partner, or guests need to borrow your phone sometimes.

Experiment - User profiles make it easy to try out new things without messing up your usual setup. You can create an extra profile just for testing apps or settings. That way, if your experiment goes wrong, only that profile is affected - your main one stays the same.

Additional tips

  • You can create a guest profile for people who need to use your device temporarily.

  • You can give each user profile its own PIN or fingerprint lock for security.

  • You can share apps and data between user profiles.

  • You can delete user profiles if you no longer need them.


In short, creating separate user profiles on your Android phone is a really good way to keep all the settings, apps, and info separate for each person using the phone. By following the steps above, you can easily make profiles for different people and give everyone their own space on a shared device. So if you share your Android with family or friends, make sure to set up profiles for everyone to keep everything organized and private.

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