8 Reasons Why Your Next iPad Should Be Cellular

Make an informed choice for your next iPad – explore the benefits of cellular connectivity. From secure mobile data to GPS functionality, discover why a cellular iPad can elevate your experience.

By Abhishek Chandel
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8 Reasons Why Your Next iPad Should Be Cellular

8 Reasons Why Your Next iPad Should Be Cellular

Buying a new iPad is always thrilling, but there's an important call to make first - cellular or just Wi-Fi? While cellular models cost more, they add incredible value. This article will highlight 8 compelling reasons why your next iPad should be cellular. Weighing factors like untethered use, constant access, and enhanced portability can help you decide which iPad fits your needs best.

1. Always Connected Internet Access

An iPad with cellular means internet anywhere. No more searching desperately for open Wi-Fi when out of the house. As long as your carrier has service, you can do whatever you need online. Check email on your commute, stream Netflix as you run errands, look up directions while exploring an unknown city - cellular keeps you connected wherever you go. Never lose productivity or miss out on fun because you lost your Wi-Fi connection again. With an iPad that has cellular, online life is untethered.

2. Mobile Data Is Way More Secure Than Wi-Fi

Cellular connections utilize advanced encryption and security protocols to protect your data in transit. This makes mobile data much more secure than relying on open public Wi-Fi networks, which are prone to man-in-the-middle attacks. With cellular, you can access banking and other sensitive info safely.

3. Use Internet-Dependent Apps On-the-Go

Many iPad apps require an internet connection to tap into their full functionality. With a cellular model, you can take advantage of these capabilities wherever you are. Get work done with productivity apps, use maps/navigation, check emails, listen to streaming music, and more without hunting for a Wi-Fi connection. It brings flexibility and convenience.

4. Avoid Tethering Data Overage Charges

If you tether Wi-Fi only iPads to your phone's cellular hotspot, it can eat into your monthly data allowance. A cellular iPad with its own plan prevents this. You get a separate bucket of data just for your tablet. This avoids costly overages from accidental hotspot piggybacking by your iPad.

5. Built-In GPS For Location Services

The GPS radio in cellular iPads provides accurate location tracking without needing a Wi-Fi connection. This powers functionality like geotagging of photos, local search results, mapping/navigation apps, location-based reminders, fitness apps that map your route, and more. Wi-Fi only models lack standalone GPS capabilities.

6. Stay Connected When Traveling Internationally

Heading overseas? Cellular iPads can connect to networks abroad, allowing you to access maps, translate languages, and stay in touch back home. Most models have global roaming capabilities. Just activate an international plan. Wi-Fi only models are limited to finding local hotspots when traveling internationally.

7. Convenience of eSIM Cellular Activation

With eSIM technology, activating or disabling cellular data is easy. You can enable it temporarily then switch back to Wi-Fi only mode. This convenience and flexibility provides the best of both worlds. Use cellular when you need it while minimizing the extra cost when Wi-Fi connectivity is abundant.

8. Higher Resale Value

Cellular iPads typically retain their value better compared to Wi-Fi only models. The flexibility of cellular connectivity allows you to recoup more money selling or trading it in when you're ready to upgrade. So you can view the cellular premium as an investment that pays off later.


While Wi-Fi only iPads still meet many users' needs, there are compelling benefits to going cellular. If you value ultimate flexibility, mobility, security, and convenience, it's worth splurging for cellular. Evaluate your usage patterns and needs to decide if the always-connected experience is right for you. Just know the premium pales in comparison to the capabilities you unlock with a cellular iPad.

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