15 Instagram Threads Tips and Tricks You Should Try Today!

Check out these Threads by Instagram tips and tricks.

By Sagar Thakkar
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15 Best Instagram Threads Tips and Tricks

15 Best Instagram Threads Tips and Tricks 

Are you new on Threads? The most popular social network site of 2023 is already making waves across the internet, and users can’t stop talking about it. If you’ve recently signed up for the platform, it may be hard to understand its features if you haven’t used its rival, X (formerly Twitter). But if you’re excited about the new platform and are going to create some incredible threads and connect with the community, I’d be happy to provide you with some tips. Take a look at these 15 best Instagram threads tips and tricks.

1. Start a Thread

Meta's new platform lets you create thread posts, as suggested by its name. A thread consists of a series of posts that are made one after the other in response to the previous one. The core feature of the platform is very easy to use with these simple steps. To start a thread, open the Threads app > tap the Create button in the bottom center > type your post > and then tap the “Add to thread” button to add a few relevant posts to start your thread. 

You can start your threads this way and let your followers and other community members participate.

2. Quote Share a Thread

Like Twitter (Now X), Threads by Instagram lets you reshare and quote-share threads that appear on your feed. You don't always need to create something; sometimes you prefer to reshare what others have already created. So, you can make use of the reshare feature and post others’ content on your profile. Better still, quote share gives you the chance to share your opinion on someone else's thread. To reshare it, tap the reshare button under a thread and then select Quote in the popup. Type your opinion for that particular thread and then just hit the Post button. 

3. Share a Thread to Instagram Story

As you know, Threads is a platform launched by Instagram, a part of Meta platforms. Hundreds of share-worthy posts appear on Threads, so if you find one that is worthy of showing on your Instagram story, you can share it. The best part - you do not need to copy the link or take a screenshot and paste it. It works with a simple one-click button. Under a thread, tap the Share button and then select "Add to Story '' to redirect to your Instagram story and share it there.

4. Share a Thread to Your Instagram Feed

Some Instagram users don’t believe or take part in sharing stories, which is a wonderful feature. Instead, they want to share a piece of information on their feed. In this case, you can leverage this feature and share your best threads directly to your Instagram feed. To do so, tap the same Share button and then select the “Post to feed” option to share it on your Instagram profile. 

5. Promote Your Thread on X (Formerly Twitter)

It may seem ridiculous, but this new social network - Threads - offers a straightforward way to promote your threads on its rival network - X. You don't want to take the detour of copying and pasting the link manually to your thread on Twitter. With a click of a thread link, you can be taken directly to X. Tap the same Share button again and then choose the “Post to X” option to redirect to your X account and share your thread link over there. 

6. Send a Thread to Instagram DM

There is no direct messaging feature available on the new Meta platform as of now. It is considered to be the biggest downside by many users. Actually, it's not one since users can exchange direct messages through Instagram DM. If you find something worth sharing on Threads and want to share it in private, send it as a message to someone on Instagram. Again, tap the same Share button and then choose the “Send on Instagram” option, choose from fetched users, and share the post with them through a direct message.

7. Make Your Threads Profile Private

If you share content across Threads that is of interest to a particular community or someone you know, consider making your profile private. This is a fantastic feature that a lot of users enjoy. When you make your profile private, only the people who follow you can view and engage with your thread content. To enable this feature, head over straight to your Threads profile by tapping the profile icon in the bottom right corner. Then, tap the globe icon in the top left corner. Finally, toggle the switch on for Private Profile.

8. Change Who Can Mention You

Just because you're on Threads and contribute to the community doesn't mean anyone and everyone can mention you to seek your attention. Thanks to Threads’ privacy features, only your friends and some Threads profiles can contact you. Yes, it’s possible. This is a privacy setting you can change for your Threads account. To do so, visit your Threads profile and tap the globe icon in the top left corner. Tap Mentions here and then choose your suitable option. 

9. Mute Unwanted Threads Accounts

In your Threads feed, the platform recommends content based on your Instagram preferences and what the algorithm understands. While scrolling endlessly through Threads, you might come across dozens of posts that you don't like but keep appearing anyway. A way to deal with them is to muffle them so that they will no longer appear in your feed. To mute a thread on your timeline, tap the Options button ( look for three horizontal dots ) across the thread name and then select the “Mute” button. You won’t see threads from that profile anymore.

10. Block Thread Users

When users keep getting in your way on Threads, you can stop them from engaging with you. There is a privacy feature on every social networking site and you should take advantage of it when things are out of your control. If someone is constantly mentioning you in their threads and invading your privacy, block them. To block a thread, tap the Options icon (three horizontal dots) across the thread name and then select Block. Finally, hit the Block button again to confirm the action. That Threads account won’t interfere with you from now onwards. 

11. View Your Likes on Threads

You can see what you like directly on your profile on X. Your interests are visible not only to you but also to people who follow you and to all the users of the X community. In contrast to X, Threads protects your privacy since only you can see your favorite community threads. To view your liked posts, visit your profile and tap the Settings option in the top right corner. Now, select the “Your Likes” option to view all your liked posts. 

12. Follow Accounts from Instagram

It is likely that you know only a small number of people on Threads if you are new. Therefore, to increase engagement on your threads and share your content with more people, you can follow accounts from Instagram that are likely to be followed in return.

Threads is already connected to your Instagram account, so you can follow people you follow there. Here’s a simple trick to do so. Tap the Settings option in your profile section and choose the first option - “Follow and invite friends”. Then, select the “Follow accounts from Instagram” option and start following people you follow on the Meta platform. 

13. Take a Break

You can get addicted to Threads just like you would to any other popular social networking site over time. But don’t worry, the platform cares about the time you overspend on the platform and helps you make peace with it. If you think you have been spending too much time on this platform lately, you can use this feature to get break reminders. To get reminders, tap the same Settings icon in the top right corner of your profile page and visit the “Account“ option. Finally, select Break Reminder and then set the appropriate timeline to take breaks. 

14. Switch Back & Forth Between Your Instagram and Threads Profile

This is a nice trick you should avail if you constantly juggle between one social media app to another. As Instagram and Threads are connected, you can switch between your two social media profiles with just a click. Your Threads profile has a button that will take you directly to your Instagram account. There's a Threads profile attached to Instagram, so you can switch between the two whenever you want. To switch to Instagram from Threads, visit your profile and tap the Instagram icon just above your profile picture. Simply tap the Threads badge on Instagram to switch to Threads.

15. Hide Like Counts

It is not necessary for others to see what engagement you get on your threads. It may be a good idea to hide it for privacy reasons. As with Instagram, Threads has a feature for hiding like counts. If you want to hide the likes you get on your threads, tap the Globe icon in the top left corner of your profile section and then select “Hide likes”, which appears to be the last option. It will redirect to your Instagram account where you can enable this feature. 

Final Thoughts

Instagram's Threads is a game-changing app for those who enjoy sharing information in threads and believe in active discussions. I hope you take advantage of these tips and tricks to make your user experience even better on the new platform. There are more features coming to Threads with new updates, and they are worth checking out. So what are you waiting for? Get threading on Threads by Instagram.

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