9 Best HyperOS Features: Supercharge Your Xiaomi Experience

Discover how HyperOS transforms Xiaomi phones with enhanced performance, customization, connectivity, AI features, and improved privacy safeguards.

By Abhishek Chandel
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9 Best HyperOS Features

9 Best HyperOS Features

Xiaomi has released its new operating system - HyperOS. HyperOS aims to improve the Xiaomi user experience in many ways. It allows for more customization of how your phone looks and works. It makes it easier to connect to Xiaomi devices. It speeds up performance. It adds artificial intelligence features. It improves privacy protections. In short, HyperOS helps modernize Xiaomi phones with helpful updates big and small. We will highlight the 9 Best HyperOS Features that will take your Xiaomi phone to the next level.

1. Control Center Revamp

The control center on HyperOS has gotten a major makeover. It now has a cleaner look with no text underneath the icons for a more iOS-like feel. More importantly, you can access all your quick toggles on one single page by scrolling down instead of swiping horizontally to find your settings. It might take some getting used to but the streamlined control center makes performing frequent tasks quicker.

2. Improved Ram Management

One issue that plagued MIUI was aggressive RAM management that closed background apps prematurely. HyperOS hugely improves on this with apps and games staying open longer even in the background. Switching between open apps is also noticeably faster and smoother. You can now jump straight back into Call of Duty even after more than an hour and find your game session uninterrupted.

3. Gallery App Enhancements

The Gallery app might seem like a trivial part of the Android experience but Xiaomi made some helpful enhancements here on HyperOS. There is now a Recommendations tab that shows all your editing tools and features upfront. The Cutouts options have also been improved for easier sharing of image cutouts without the hassle of using a separate app. You also get the usual background changing and other editing features here.

4. HyperConnect

HyperConnect is a true game-changer when it comes to connecting Xiaomi devices. You can now seamlessly control and share information between your Mi Home security cameras, Mi TV, Mi Band and other IoT products directly through your phone. It complements the Xiaomi ecosystem beautifully by removing the need for multiple apps to manage different devices.

5. Lock Screen Customization

Following in the footsteps of Apple and Android, HyperOS gives your art and personalization desires a major outlet through beautifully crafted lock screen customization settings. From stunning depth effects that make your face pop out from striking wallpapers to matching always-on display themes - options abound for making your lock screen a true reflection of your unique style.

6. HyperMind AI Assistant

While many features focus on aesthetics, Xiaomi hasn’t forgotten about adding some useful AI to the mix. HyperMind is an intelligence platform that learns your smartphone usage habits over time. It then uses this understanding to automate common tasks for you and even provide relevant suggestions without needing any explicit input. Have a routine schedule? HyperMind will soon start preparing you for upcoming meetings and events automatically as you go about your day.

7. Lightweight and Fast

Despite packing in all these feature upgrades, Xiaomi has managed to keep HyperOS very lightweight. Unlike MIUI that took up a chunky 13GB, HyperOS is under 10GB, coming in at just 8.76GB. The lightweight nature combined with Xiaomi’s excellent software optimization results in buttery smooth performance with fantastic RAM management for effortless multitasking. Even intense games like Call of Duty run without a hitch with HyperOS’ top-notch speed and fluidity.

8. Privacy and Security Upgrades

While not as flashy as visual upgrades, Xiaomi spent time meaningfully improving HyperOS’ privacy protections and security safeguards too. You now get a consolidated overview of all app permissions being used for easier monitoring. A new shutdown confirmation feature lets you guard against unwanted shutdowns by requiring a manual PIN input before powering off. Together with existing features like dual apps, app lock and second space, your sensitive data stays safer.

9. Uninstall More Bloatware

What good are software improvements if you still can’t remove frustrating bloatware apps? HyperOS finally lets you uninstall many previously irremissible apps like Mi Video, Mi Music and even the Security app among others. While some core apps like Browser and GetApps remain undeletable, this is still a big step towards giving users more control over their device experience. Now you can purely choose the apps you need without redundant extras hogging storage and eating into your productivity.


In conclusion, HyperOS delivers improvements across aesthetics, functionality and performance without compromising on lightweight efficiency. The control center, gallery, HyperConnect and lock screen changes modernize and streamline Xiaomi's interface for easier access and sharing. Under the hood, faster speeds, better RAM management and AI assistance boost productivity. And increased user control over permissions, security and installed apps give more choice over one's personalized experience.

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