How to Set Up Flash Notifications on Your Android Phone

Enhance your Android phone's notification alerts with visual cues. Follow a quick guide to set up and customize flash notifications for important alerts.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to Set Up Flash Notifications on Your Android Phone

How to Set Up Flash Notifications on Your Android Phone

Flash notifications allow your Android phone's camera flash to blink as a visual alert for notifications. Rather than having notification banners discretely appear at the top of the screen, the sudden on-off flashing of the camera LED can catch your eye when important alerts come in. Enabling this feature only takes a few quick adjustments to your phone's settings.

How to Set Up Flash Notifications on Your Android Phone

1. Unlock your Android phone and access the home screen. Locate the Settings icon, which is typically represented by a cog or gear symbol, and tap on it to launch the Settings application.

2. With the Settings app now open, scroll to the top of the screen and look for the search icon, which is usually a magnifying glass. Tap on the search icon to bring up the search bar.

3. In the search bar at the top of the Settings screen, type "Flash notification". As you type, you will see a dropdown list of suggested settings to choose from. Tap on the option that reads "Flash notification" to go directly to its settings page.

4. After tapping on "Flash notification" from the search results, you will be taken to the notification settings specifically for the camera flash. On this page, tap on the option "Flash notification" again to open up the detailed settings menu for controlling the feature.

5. In the Flash notification settings you will see a toggle button next to the words "Camera Flash notification" - slide this toggle to the ON position to enable the feature. Other than that you can also enable the "Screen flash notification". After enabling, to test it out, scroll to the bottom of this settings page and tap on the "Preview" button to trigger the camera flash notification for preview purposes. You can turn the toggle off to disable the notifications again.


With flash notifications now enabled, you can preview and experience these notification alerts as temporary blinking of your phone's camera flash. You can later revisit the settings to disable camera flash notifications or customize additional options like colors and repeat intervals. Use this visual alert judiciously for notifications that need your immediate attention.

FAQ - Flash Notifications on Android

What are the different types of flash notifications?

The main options are caused by either the camera LED flash blinking or the edges of the screen lighting up. You may also see custom colors, durations, and effects depending on your Android OS.

Can I change the color of the flash notification?

Yes, if your Android OS and phone hardware support it. Under the app notification settings, you can find color customization options for the notification flash.

Can I turn off flash notifications for certain apps?

Yes, the flash notification toggle can be enabled on a per-app basis depending on your preferences. Disable it for apps that don't need such urgent alerts.

Why are my flash notifications not working?

If camera flash notifications are enabled but not flashing, try checking permissions, hardware issues with the flash bulb, Android OS version compatibility, and sound/do not disturb settings.

Can I use flash notifications with a third-party app?

Yes, many third-party apps support flash notifications provided they have the required software access and permissions enabled to use the camera flash.

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