How to Set Reminders on Android Device

A guide to setting reminders on Android devices for appointments, tasks, and errands.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to Set Reminders on Your Android Device

How to Set Reminders on Your Android Device

With life moving so darn fast these days, it's easy to forget important stuff - meetings, deadlines, time-sensitive tasks. Setting reminders for key things is a life saver if you want to avoid missing them. Good news - your Android phone and tablet make reminders a breeze!

Whether you need a one-time "ding" or a repeating alert, Android has got you covered with solid reminder options. Here I'll show you the best ways to set reminders on your Android device so you never miss another crucial appointment or event.

Why use reminders?

  • To keep things straight - Reminders can help jog your memory and ensure you don't forget appointments, tasks, or errands. The little nudges can keep everything from slipping your mind.
  • To avoid spacing out - We've all had moments of spacing out or getting distracted, and that's when important things can fall through the cracks. Reminders bring your priorities back into focus when you need them most.
  • For greater work efficiency - Setting reminders for projects and longer term to-do items helps you avoid procrastination and wasting time. The reminders keep you moving steadily toward your goals and reaching things on your intended timeline.

How to Set aReminders on Android Device

Method 1: Set reminders Using the Google Calendar app

1. Open the Google Calendar app on your phone.

2. Tap the "Create" (plus sign) icon in the bottom right.

3. Tap "Reminder".

4. Enter your reminder text in the "Topic" field & Select the date and time for the reminder. Below that you can set how often you want the reminder - choose between Never, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. And after setting up everything tap on the Save button at the top right corner.

5. The reminder will now appear in your Google Calendar.

6. When you complete the reminder task, you can tap the reminder in your calendar and mark it as "Done".

Method 2: Set reminders Using the Using the Google Assistant

The second method to create reminders is through the Google Assistant, available on Android smartphones and the Google Home smart speaker.

1. All you have to do is say "Hey Google, remind me to ". The Google Assistant will respond saying that it will remind you. It will then ask you to confirm the details like the time, date and repeats optionally.

2. After confirming the details, it will create the reminder for you and notify you at the specified time and/or location.

Using your voice through the Google Assistant is a fast and hands-free way to create reminders on the go, while you're driving, cooking, working out or busy with some other task.

Tips for setting reminders

  • Be clear about what you want to be reminded of. Write down specific details of the task so when the reminder pops up, you remember exactly what it refers to.

  • Whenever possible, link reminders to a specific time. Time-based reminders at the exact moment you need to take action work best.

  • Use repeating reminders for things you need to do regularly, like taking medication, making appointments, paying bills, etc.

  • Consider setting multiple reminders for especially crucial tasks - an initial reminder, then follow ups an hour, a day and a week later if needed.

  • Test your reminders thoroughly before relying on them. Make sure notification sounds are on and the reminder actually goes off.

  • Review old reminders periodically and delete any that are no longer needed. This helps avoid a cluttered reminder list.

  • Assign names to reminders that make their purpose immediately obvious so you remember what action you need to take.


In short, setting reminders on your Android phone is a great method for staying organized and effective. With Google Calendar and the Google Assistant, you have two simple yet powerful tools for reminders for appointments, chores, and errands. By being precise about what to remind you about and tying reminders to specific times and places, you can guarantee not missing another important meeting or due date. So go ahead and get started setting reminders on your Android phone!

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