How to Scan QR Code on Android

These 5 Easy Methods on Android Unlock QR Codes' Hidden Content.

By Abhishek Chandel
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5 Ways to Scan QR Code on Android

Ways to Scan QR Code on Android

QR codes are a quick and easy way to share information and access content. They’re often used to share links to websites, contact information, and even to make payments. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 5 different ways you can scan QR codes using your Android device. We’ll cover everything from using your camera app to downloading third-party QR code scanners. So whether you’re an experienced tech user or new to the world of QR codes, there’s something here for you. Let’s dive in!

5 Ways to Scan QR Code on Android

Method 1: Use the Built-In Camera App

Open your phone's camera app. The camera app lets you take photos. Point the camera at the QR code so it can see it. Hold the camera still. Your phone will figure out that it is looking at a QR code. It will scan the code automatically. A message will pop up on your phone's screen. The message tells you what the QR code links to. It may link to a website, someone's phone number, or other things. Tap the message on the screen. Then your phone will open the website or dial the phone number.

Method 2: Install a Dedicated QR Scanner App

While the native camera apps suffice, dedicated QR scanner apps provide a smoother and more efficient scanning experience. Apps like QR Code Reader, QR Code Scanner Pro, and Barcode Scanner allow instant scanning with quick access to flashlights, scan history, QR code generators, and other handy features. The dedicated scanning interface makes sequential QR code scanning quicker than opening the standard camera each time. Many scanner apps are free or have free versions.

Method 3: Use Google Lens

Google Lens is an image recognition technology baked into Android's Google app. Open the Google app and tap the Lens icon, which looks like the outline of a camera. Then simply hover your camera over a QR code to trigger scanning. Google Lens will automatically detect and scan the code. This feature works for barcodes as well. The technology behind Google Lens is advanced enough to scan codes even if they are small, blurry, or wrapped around curved surfaces.

Method 4: Use Google Pay

You can also use Google Pay to scan QR codes on Android devices. To do this, open the Google Pay app and then select “Scan any QR Code” and point your camera at the QR code you want to scan. The app will automatically recognize and scan the code, displaying any relevant information for that QR code.

Method 5: Use Snapchat

For tapping into Snapchat's expansive world of augmented reality lenses and filters, you can scan special Snapcodes. Open the Snapchat app and point your camera at a friend or any Snapcode. Tap the QR code icon in the upper left and Snapchat will scan the code to add friends or unlock special overlays. QR code scanning is tightly integrated into the Snapchat app, making it easy to find new content.


Android offers endless options for easy and instant QR code scanning. Whether using built-in tools, or third-party apps, Android empowers you to quickly unlock QR codes' hidden contents. Give some of these methods a try the next time you encounter a code in a magazine, on a sign, or anywhere else. QR code scanning is one feature that can boost convenience and productivity on any modern Android device.

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