How to Reduce Photo Size on Android

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By Abhishek Chandel
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5 Ways to Reduce Photo Size on Android

Ways to Reduce Photo Size on Android

Photos can quickly eat up storage space on Android devices. Even budget phones now have powerful cameras that take large, high-resolution photos. While it's great to have stunning images, those files sizes can become a problem. Luckily, there are multiple ways to reduce photo sizes on Android and free up valuable storage room. Smaller files also upload and download faster too. In this post, we'll explore the top methods for shrinking pictures without sacrificing too much quality.

5 Ways to Reduce Photo Size on Android

Method 1: Use a Photo Compression App

One of the easiest ways to cut file sizes is to run photos through a compression app. App like Compress image size in kb & mb can shrink images through optimization algorithms without noticeably reducing visual quality. Photos compressed this way take up less space but still look sharp if printed or edited.

After installing the App launch the app & tap on the "Choose Photo" option. After selecting the desired photo select the quality & tap on the compress button.

Method 2: Adjust Camera Settings

Directly configuring your Android's camera settings can prevent overly large photos in the first place. Open the Camera app & Tap the image ratio and resolution icon & select the lower resolution option. For example, if you were using 200MP then choose 50MP & If you were using 50MP then choose 10MP, and so on. The lower megapixel count results in smaller file sizes, so your photos take up less room. Just keep the resolution high if you need to print or edit shots later.

Method 3: Upload to Cloud Storage

Cloud storage services like Google Photos offer a way to offload full-resolution images from your device. When enabled, Google Photos will automatically back up local pictures to the cloud. The app lets you preview the images online or in its gallery. Meanwhile, only smaller cached versions remain in the device's storage. You get all the visual benefits without the large files weighing down your phone.

Method 4: Delete Unnecessary Photos

It always helps to clear out photos you no longer need. Delete blurry pics, accidental duplicates, and any shots that are just taking up space. Samsung gallery app has built-in tools to select multiple photos for deletion. It can identify duplicate images to remove in one go. Performing regular clean-ups like this ensures your device storage doesn't get overwhelmed.

1. To remove duplicate images open the gallery app & tap on the hamburger icon at the bottom right corner.


2. Here tap on the "Suggestions" option.

3. Now scroll down & tap on "Delete duplicate pictures".


4. Now from here you can delete the duplicate images by tapping on the "Delete duplicates" button. 


Method 5: Online Photo Compressor

If you don’t want to install any apps, you can use an online photo compressor to reduce photo size.

1. One popular option is iloveimg, First launch the website & Simply upload your photo to the website.

2. Then tap on on "Compress Images" button at the bottom.

3. And download the compressed photo.

Wrap Up

Following these tips consistently can help keep photo storage in check on any Android device. The less space photos occupy, the more room for apps, videos, music, and more. Slimmer files also help conserve mobile data usage when backing up photos online. Find the right combination of tricks to intelligently reduce picture sizes without sacrificing too much fidelity for your needs.

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