How to Delete Wallpapers on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to efficiently manage and delete wallpapers on your iPhone, keeping your iPhone organized and clutter-free.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to Delete Wallpapers on iPhone

How to Delete Wallpapers on iPhone

Are you tired of cluttered wallpapers taking up space on your iPhone? Managing your home screen backgrounds regularly is important for organizations. This guide will show you the simple process for permanently removing unwanted wallpaper stored in your iPhone settings. By following the 6 short steps, you'll be able to declutter your wallpaper options and free up more room for fresh wallpapers.

Step-by-Step Guide to Delete Wallpapers on iPhone

1. The first step is to access the settings where your iPhone wallpapers are stored. To do this, start from your iPhone's home screen. Press down and hold your finger on any empty space on the home screen.

2. After about a second, your screen will zoom out to show all of your wallpapers. Once the wallpaper settings menu is up, Swipe sideways through these wallpapers to find the wallpaper you want to delete.

3.  When you've located the wallpaper you want to remove, swipe up to reveal the delete button.


4. It looks like a trash can icon and is located toward the bottom of the wallpaper preview. Here tap on the trash can icon.

5. After that to confirm that you want to delete this wallpaper, A popup will appear asking if you're sure. Tap "Delete this wallpaper" to confirm and permanently remove the wallpaper from your saved iPhone wallpapers. If you want to delete any other saved wallpapers, repeat steps 2-4. Locate the wallpaper, swipe up to access the delete button, and confirm the deletion.

6. Once you've deleted any unwanted wallpapers, you can set a new wallpaper. Swipe through the remaining options to choose the wallpaper you want to use. Tap on it to apply it to your home and lock screens.

Key Notes

  • Deleting an iPhone wallpaper can't be undone, so tap carefully on the trash can icon!

  • If you used a photo from your camera roll as a wallpaper, deleting it as a wallpaper will not remove the photo from your camera roll.

With this easy wallpaper deletion method, you now have the power to keep your iPhone home screens tidy. Be sure to only remove images you no longer want as wallpapers, since the change cannot be reversed. Taking a few minutes to purge unused backgrounds periodically is a convenient way to curate your display preferences.

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