Google's Pixel Phones Set to Revolutionize Call Management with New 'Lookup' Feature

Google's upcoming 'Lookup' feature promises to revolutionize call management on Pixel phones, empowering users with enhanced caller identification and information access globally.

By Raunak Bose
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Google Pixel ‘Lookup’ feature in Call App(Image via TechFirstNow)

In the latest update on the Pixel phones, Google plans to launch a new feature known as ‘Lookup’ inside the Phone app to help users trace unknown callers. This feature was first introduced in Japan as ‘Number search’ and is being extended to Pixel devices worldwide.

This upcoming feature was discovered by keen-eyed tech enthusiasts, who spotted it in the beta version 127.0.620688474 of the Google Phone app. Next is the feature of the ‘Recents’ icon where users will be able to choose the number of ‘Unknown caller’. From here the ‘Lookup’ option is made available. This leads to a list of apps capable of performing ‘Web search’, including the ‘Google Search app’.

When activated, the ‘Lookup’ feature will conduct a Google search for the number, to give information about the listed business Google. However, it’s worth noting that this feature is not intended to replace popular caller ID apps like Truecaller, which specialize in identifying both business and private callers.

The Potential Impact of 'Lookup' on Caller Identification Apps

The highly anticipated Lookup feature may be planned for the upcoming Feature Drop of June, which indicates a possible level-up for all Pixel phone users by offering an alternative way to view unknown calls from businesses.

Lookup feature in Google Pixel (Left) & Emergency Calling UI Update (Right)
Lookup feature in Google Pixel (Left) & Emergency Calling UI Update (Right)

Besides the Lookup feature, the design of the emergency number dialer from tech experts will also be modified, the purpose of which is to complement the overall UI when making an emergency call.

Though the ‘Lookup’ feature on the Pixel smartphones adds more functions, the question of its efficiency and smooth function with other caller ID apps arises. In particular, the presence of the ‘Lookup’ feature signifies that Google continuously striving to improve user experience on Pixel phones. As a result, the users can identify calls and then find the relevant information just with a few taps.

As Google gains its experience and refines the phones of the Pixel series, this ‘Lookup’ feature alone represents a steadfast commitment by the company to user requirements and usefulness. The Multinational Corp. will be extending the user base of Pixel by incorporating a resourceful call status organizer and caller ID capability to optimize incoming call communication. 

Experts say the 'Lookup' feature can be expanded and linked to other Google services including Google Assistant and Google Maps. This will make Google a tool that does not only make the is hence a different thing. As Feature Drop is coming closer, users should expect further opening of Pixel phones to more features and possibilities.

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