Android Not Receiving Texts From iPhone ? 5+ Working Fixes!

Resolve Android not receiving texts from iPhone issue with steps including disabling iMessage, using different apps, and checking settings.

By Abhishek Chandel
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6 Best Fixes for Android Not Receiving Texts From iPhone

Fixes for Android Not Receiving Texts From iPhone

It's an increasingly common scenario - you've just switched from an iPhone to a shiny new Android phone but when you give your new number to friends, their texts from iOS devices never seem to arrive.

This frustrating issue ultimately stems from the differences between Apple's messaging platforms and the universal SMS/MMS messaging system used by Android. But don't despair, there are several steps you can take to get your cross-platform messaging working properly again.

1. Check Cellular and Wi-Fi Connectivity

First, the simple stuff - ensure cellular data and WiFi are enabled on both devices. Under Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi on your Android, make sure Wi-Fi is toggled on. Then under Settings > Data usage, check that Cellular data is enabled.

On your friend's iPhone, open Settings > Cellular and toggle Cellular Data to on. Then go into Settings > Wi-Fi and select the common Wi-Fi network both phones are connected to. Being on the same Wi-Fi network can help facilitate communication between the two operating systems.

2. Turn Off iMessage on the iPhone

A common culprit is Apple's proprietary iMessage platform. When activated on an iPhone, iMessage will attempt to route texts between iOS devices over Apple's servers rather than as SMS/MMS through your carrier.

To disable this, open Settings > Messages on your friend's iPhone and toggle iMessage to off. This will force your conversations to use regular text messaging networks that your Android device can receive.

Deregister iMessage on your iPhone or online - Apple Support

3. Try a Different Messaging App

The default messaging apps on iOS and Android could also be contributing to the issue. Try having both you and your iPhone friend download a popular third-party messaging app like WhatsApp, Signal, or Telegram instead.

These messaging apps transmit texts over data networks rather than your carrier's SMS systems. Because of this difference, they may be able to transfer messages reliably between the two platforms. It's worth a shot!

WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram – Anric Blatt

4. Update Software Versions

Outdated operating system versions on either device can also cause messaging incompatibilities. On your Android, open Settings > System update to update your OS to the latest release.

On the iPhone, go to Settings > General > Software update to update iOS to the newest stable version as well. Newer OS releases include critical bug fixes for messaging issues.

5. Reset iPhone Network Settings

As a last resort, you can attempt resetting the network settings on your friend's iPhone. This will clear out any corrupted messaging data that may be causing problems.

To do this, open Settings > General > Reset and select Reset Network Settings. The iPhone will reboot - then try sending texts as usual. With network settings cleared, messaging should hopefully work normally once again!

6. Check for Blocked Numbers

Make sure your friend's iPhone hasn't accidentally blocked your new Android number. On the iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > Blocked and check if your number is listed. Remove it if so - this could prevent delivery.


In closing, if you’re having trouble receiving texts from an iPhone on your new Android device, there are several steps you can take to fix the issue. These include checking cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity, turning off iMessage on the iPhone, trying a different messaging app, updating software versions, resetting iPhone network settings, and checking for blocked numbers. Following these potential fixes should easily get your texts flying between iPhone and Android again in no time!

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