A New Era of Galaxy AI is Coming — Here's a Glimpse

Galaxy AI transforms your S24 into an intuitive companion. Explore Circle to Search, Live Translate, Note Assist, and Generative Edit for a seamless experience.

By Abhishek Chandel
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A New Era of Galaxy AI is Coming — Here's a Glimpse

A New Era of Galaxy AI is Coming — Here's a Glimpse

Samsung has launched a new era of mobile AI with Galaxy AI, available now on the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S24 series. This intuitive AI assistant seamlessly integrates into your life, learning from you to provide personalized, effortless experiences. Break language barriers with real-time translation, unleash creativity with intelligent editing and boost productivity with automated note-taking. In this article, we'll give some Glimpse of the newly launched Galaxy AI. You'll see how this intuitive assistant seamlessly integrates into your life.

Key Features of Galaxy AI

Circle to Search

Circle to Search allows you to instantly search about anything on your screen by simply circling it with your finger or S-Pen. See details, shop products, and get recommendations by circling objects while browsing apps and web pages. This new way to search, powered by Galaxy AI, can satisfy your curiosity on the spot.

Live Translate

Break language barriers in real-time with Live Translate. Make voice calls and send messages with translations in over 13 languages, including English, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Thai, Spanish, Japanese, and Vietnamese. Live Translate uses Galaxy AI to enable smooth communication across languages during calls, messaging, and more.

Note Assist

Make note-taking effortless with Note Assist. It uses Galaxy AI to automatically format and summarize your notes as you write naturally with the S-Pen. Add headings, bullet points, and other organizational elements through simple voice commands. Note Assist improves productivity by helping create clear, structured notes.

Generative Edit

Unleash your creativity with the intelligent photo and video editing capabilities of Generative Edit. Resize, retouch and enhance your content using AI-powered effects and filters. Even relocate objects seamlessly and fill in backgrounds intelligently using this feature.

Benefits of Galaxy AI

Galaxy AI aims to provide a more personalized and contextual AI experience based on your individual usage and preferences. Faster and more secure AI processing is enabled directly on your device, even without an internet connection. Features are seamlessly integrated within your apps and services for smooth access. Overall, Galaxy AI enhances productivity, creativity, and communication through its intelligent features.

How Galaxy AI Compares to Other AI Solutions

Galaxy AI sets itself apart from other mobile AI solutions with its tighter on-device integration. It can leverage both on-device and cloud-based AI as needed for optimal performance. As its first generation Galaxy AI continuously improves by learning from real-world user feedback and usage patterns. The goal is to deliver the smoothest and most intuitive AI experience directly on your Samsung mobile device.


Galaxy AI transcends the limitations of other mobile AI solutions. Its on-device processing ensures speed and security, while its open cloud integration maximizes performance. Through continuous learning and adaptation, Galaxy AI evolves alongside you, offering a personalized experience that grows more intuitive with every interaction. Prepare to embrace a future where AI enriches your daily life, empowering you to unlock new possibilities and conquer challenges with ease.

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