Best Puzzle Games for iPhone and iPad

Improve your problem-solving abilities with these best puzzle games for iPhone and iPad.

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best puzzle games for iPhone and iPad

5 Best Puzzle Games for iPhone and iPad

Puzzle games are way better than other games as they help improve your mental abilities and problem-solving skills. It is sometimes necessary to be well prepared beforehand to solve the puzzles of life. And playing puzzle games helps you be ready for them. 

Also known as logic games, they require you to put your critical thinking into the gameplay so it is easier to nurture your mental capabilities. If you’re looking for the right puzzle game to play on your phone, let me tell you that we’ve found many. 

Here are the five best puzzle games you can play on your iPhone and iPad.

1. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga stands as a mythical puzzle marvel, cherished by millions of global gamers. This delectable match-3 puzzle experience sweeps players into a world of sugary delight. As you switch and align candies in this addictive puzzle odyssey, each successful move leads to a gratifying surge of victory. This game is not merely about candy; it's about quick wits and clever tactics. Your savvy problem-solving will be generously rewarded with mesmerizing streams of rainbow-colored goodies and mouthwatering candy combinations.

Candy Crush Saga

In Candy Crush Saga, your victory depends on your ability to strategize, matching three or more candies in succession. The judicious use of boosters becomes paramount when dealing with the most challenging situations. Your puzzle-solving abilities will be tested as you embark on this candy-coated journey through the land of sweets.

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2. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles offers an enigmatic journey into mysterious puzzles that challenge conventional thinking. You are in for an expedition that will stretch the limits of your cognitive aptitude, offering surprising resolutions to an array of quizzes.

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

Beyond its solo appeal, this brainy title becomes an instant social sensation, allowing friends to compete in hilarious IQ contests. Regardless of age, it promises amusement for all, solidifying its status as the ultimate choice for gatherings with loved ones. Buckle up for an intellectual face-off; it's quiz time!

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3. Water Sort Puzzle

This game emerges as an enigma to solve that turns into a habit. The puzzle game adds an element of watery fun to your gaming style. Your primary objective: balance the colors of liquid within the glasses until a harmony of colors resonates in each vessel.

Water Sort Puzzle.

A simple tap is all it takes to transfer water from one glass to another. However, there's a catch: the fluid may only flow if it shares the same hue, and there's ample room within the target glass. Stuck in a watery dilemma? No need to fret; a quick restart option ensures you can reevaluate your aquatic strategy at any moment.

"Water Sort Puzzle" offers the ideal blend of challenge and relaxation, providing your brain with a delightful exercise. Dive into this refreshing aquatic mystery and let your problem-solving expertise make waves!

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4. Hidden Objects: Puzzle Games

Hidden Objects: Puzzle Games unveils an innovative take on the search-and-find genre, inviting players to embark on an unforgettable journey of discovery. This puzzle adventure ranges across a diverse array of levels, each designed to challenge your wits in unearthing buried treasures and navigating intricate enigmas.

Hidden Objects: Puzzle Games.

As you delve into each level, prepare to be transported to a myriad of intriguing locales, from enigmatic houses to abandoned pickup trucks and beyond. This game's greatest strength, aside from its challenging puzzles, is its detail-oriented approach, as exemplified by its awe-inspiring graphics that breathe life into every hidden gem.

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5. Blockudoku: Block Puzzle

Blockudoku stands as a shining example of an ingenious puzzle combination, merging the precision of Sudoku with the creative challenge of block puzzles. Its apparent simplicity lies beneath a captivating enigma that's bound to grip your attention like no other.

Blockudoku - Block Puzzle

Within the world of Blockudoku, your task is to conduct a concert of block matching, assembling lines and squares that vanish upon completion. The true artistry lies in maintaining the board in a perfect state, leading you to constantly strive to beat your previous score.

With each block's gradual movement onto the 9x9 grid, your strategic thinking takes center stage. The intricate placement of pieces creates the fabric of a puzzle masterpiece, protecting the board's flawless appearance.

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Puzzle games are intriguing, stimulating, and meant to improve your analytical skills and critical thinking. The above games can really help exercise your brain and sharpen it thereafter. As for me, I personally enjoy playing Candy Crush Saga and Hidden Objects. You may enjoy the other games on the list as well. No matter which game you play, make sure you give it your best shot and have fun playing these iPhone and iPad puzzle games.

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