Destiny 2: How to find the Celestial Anomaly

Finding the Celestial Anomaly is very important to complete the new Constellation: Tower quest in Destiny 2. So here's how you can locate Celestial Anomaly easily

By Mukul Dutt
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Destiny 2

Starcrossed is one of the most well-rewarding and intricate quests in the new season of Exotic missions that Bungie has released in Destiny 2. This quest gives P a chance to upgrade and enhance the Wish-Keeper bow and truly unlock its full potential. Moreover, The bow can be a true game-changer for players as it comes with some brilliant bonuses and perks.

Starting this quest triggers a chain of follow-up quests that task players with finding Celestial Anomalies from the Black Garden that will help players upgrade the Wish-Keeper bows.  Players will receive a new Constellation quest every week that will guide, and instruct them to collect new Celestial Anomalies. Bungie will surely keep their players gripped with this series of quests as each player will receive a new one.

Location of the Celestial Anomaly in Destiny 2

To get the ball rolling, the first Celestial Anomaly can be found in Overland. It is the area where players start from. Moreover, It can be identified very easily as it is the area that consists of two rainbows. Besides this,  players should look for a cliff that also has a waterfall on the right-hand side. Players should now see a beam of white light that is illuminating upwards (this depends on the angle from where players see the cliff).

Destiny 2 Constellation
Destiny 2 Constellation ( Image via Bungie)

Additionally,  players need to manoeuvre and scale the cliff vertically.  Players can use the vegetation around the cliff to climb it. Once they do this, they should interact with the anomaly that is at the top of the cliff, this will play a classified and secret message. Moreover,  players can only decode the classified message with the help of the shiny Strand bow they received from Taranis. This is the pre-requisite that players need to complete to progress further in the quest chain.

How to reveal the secret message for the Constellation: Tower quest

Once players are equipped with the Wish-Keeper bow(Once they've equipped it, they can see the beam of light going into the sky), they can shoot the luminescent stars with it to begin the process of making a constellation. The stars will converge and make a constellation of Dreaming City.

Destiny 2 Celestial Anomaly
Destiny 2 Celestial Anomaly( Image via Bungie)



Additionally, once players draw the constellation, they will receive additional dialogue from Riven that will relay some interesting information, and the quest will then progress to its next step which tasks the players with the challenge of finishing the Starcrossed mission on Legend difficulty.

Finishing the Starcrossed on Legend difficulty

The proceeding quest gives players the daunting task of completing the Exotic mission on the highest difficulty.  Players can choose to restart the mission if they want to summon or gather their friends and clan members for support. This will streamline the difficulty of the mission a lot as together players will be more of a force to be reckoned with.

This is because the rewards for the mission are correlated to the progress level achieved in it.  Players should take advantage of surges and be prepared to encounter formidable and challenging threats throughout the mission. The legendary difficulty truly tests the combat and strategic prowess of its players.

Players aren't locked out of their builds and load-outs, so they can choose whatever loadout and build they want, to progress further into the quest to earn more fruitful rewards and truly upgrade their bow to its full potential.

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