Best AR Games for iPhone and iPad

Become a savvy player by playing these best AR games for iPhone and iPad.

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Best AR games for iPhone and iPad

5 Best AR Games for iPhone and iPad

Are you looking for an AR game that you can play on your iOS or iPadOS device? It's likely that you're bored playing action, sports, and adventure games on your phone. Today, your iOS App Store offers a plethora of such Augmented Reality games for those who are constantly seeking out something new for their gaming needs. AR games have advanced to the point that developers have started offering an AR version of their normal games. 

So keep reading because we already have found a few games you can play to begin your journey into AR gaming.

1. Paper Bin AR

Experience a gaming revolution with Paper Bin AR, the pioneer in augmented reality gaming. Take paper tossing to new heights as you adapt to the challenge by moving the bin to a more suitable location. Get swept up in stunning, lifelike visuals, seamlessly merging with your surroundings through AR Kit technology. 

paper bin ar


This game's accessibility shines with intuitive controls, while three difficulty levels cater to all players. Engage in fierce competition with global and local real-time leaderboards. Paper Bin AR redefines gaming, delivering an unparalleled experience for iPhone and iPad users seeking innovation in augmented reality.

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2. Pokemon GO

Prepare to plunge deep into the dynamic world of Pokémon with Pokémon GO. This groundbreaking augmented reality sensation invites you to venture forth and unearth the secrets of Pokémon in your immediate surroundings.

Pokemon GO

As you trek through the real world, you'll become part of a global fraternity of bold Trainers, all sharing in the thrill of uncovering Pokémon's hidden secrets. Together, you'll journey through both familiar and exotic landscapes, embarking on a quest to hunt down the enigmatic creatures dwelling within.

In Pokémon GO, unity proves paramount. Collaborate with your fellow Trainers, forging potent alliances to confront powerful enemies in spectacular Raid Battles. Your objective: capture and command the most fierce Pokémon, emerging triumphant in a boundless world bursting with wild adventure.

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3. AR Dragon

This Augmented Reality Virtual Pet Simulator whisks you away into the magical world of mythical creatures. Here, you can raise and nurture your very own one-of-a-kind dragon, a creature that stands apart in the entire world. Every day brings new surprises as your dragon matures and increases in size, ensuring that no two dragons are ever alike. 

AR Dragon

But the real magic lies in bringing your dragon to life in the real world using AR technology. Interact with your dragon by playing a game of catch, ensuring they stay entertained and happy. Remember, just like any pet, your dragon needs to be fed regularly to stave off hunger and thrive in its unique existence.

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4. Kings of Pool

Dive into a distinct pool adventure with the immersive 3D Augmented Reality table. Battle your friends in heated bouts with friends in local multiplayer showdowns or take on the AI prodigy, "Scratch."

Kings of Pool

This isn't just another pool game; it's an unrivaled pool extravaganza. Classic 8-ball and 9-ball pools have undergone a contemporary and sophisticated transformation. Every facet has been finely balanced to offer a game that's effortlessly approachable, irresistibly addictive, and visually resplendent.

Put your skills to the test against global 8-ball pool champions and unveil exclusive high-stakes tables as you amass wealth, ascending to the zenith of billiards supremacy. Become the most affluent player in this exhilarating pool escapade!

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5. Monster Park

Yearning for hysterical photos or side-splitting videos with ancient Earth rulers – the dinosaurs? Be prepared to meet colossal monsters right in your living room, backyard, or even the city's bustling heart.

Monster Park - AR Dino World

Monster Park - AR Dino World is the freshest entry in augmented reality gaming, an exhilarating venture that transports lifelike dinosaurs and other spine-chilling creatures directly into your surroundings via your device's camera. Witness these titans in their full-scale glory, insert them into your reality, wander alongside them, capture awe-inspiring photos, and craft jaw-dropping videos that will astonish your friends.

These enchanting and enigmatic giants will immerse you in an augmented reality playground like no other. Thanks to ARKit's precision tracking and light detection, this experience unfolds with unparalleled power and realism, bringing these ancient beasts to life in ways that will leave you spellbound.

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AR games continuously evolve to get you an unparalleled and unimaginable gaming experience. These games offer stellar gameplay and feel like you’re playing them in real life rather than on your iPhone. For me, Pokemon Go and Paper Bin AR are my top choices. You might love Kings of Pool and Monster Park based on your choice. Whatever AR game you play, it's going to be an unforgettable experience.

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