What is YouTube Ambient Mode and what does it do

YouTube's Ambient Mode adds immersive, colorful lighting to videos. Find out how to enable or disable this new visual effect on mobile and desktop.

By Abhishek Chandel
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What is YouTube Ambient Mode and what does it do

What is YouTube Ambient Mode and what does it do

YouTube has a cool visual feature called Ambient Mode that adds immersive lighting effects to videos. In this article, we’ll look at what exactly Ambient Mode is, how it works, and the steps to turn it on or off on YouTube.

What is YouTube Ambient Mode?

Ambient Mode is a visual effect that activates when you play videos on the YouTube app. It produces a soft LED lighting glow along the edges of the video player. The colors shift dynamically to match the video's themes and visuals. This makes whatever you're watching appear more vivid and eye-catching.

Enabled by default, Ambient Mode activates whenever you play a video through the YouTube app. The lighting complements the colors and tones of the content on the screen. This makes the video seem like it's popping out of the frame.

How to Turn Ambient Mode On or Off on Mobile App

Even though it's enabled by default, you can easily turn Ambient Mode off if desired.

1. Open any video in your YouTube app. As you play the video, tap on the Settings icon in the upper right corner. 

2. Under settings, tap on the "Additional Settings" option.

3. Here below the Loop video, you'll get the Ambient Mode option. You can easily enable & disable it from here.

How to Turn Ambient Mode On or Off on Desktop

On the Desktop, enabling & disabling Ambient Mode is more simple.

For this, pull up the video settings menu by clicking the gear icon while hovering over the video. Here you can toggle Ambient Mode off & on.


In summary, Ambient Mode is an optional visual effect that adds dynamic lighting to complement your YouTube videos. The feature is enabled by default, but you can easily toggle it on or off as needed - either in the mobile app's settings or the desktop site's video options. If you want a more vivid and cinematic viewing experience, give Ambient Mode a try. But if find it distracting, feel free to disable the ambient lights. Adjusting the setting is quick and simple on both mobile and desktop platforms.

FAQs - YouTube Ambient Mode

How to fix Ambient mode not showing YouTube

  • Your YouTube app is not updated to the latest version that has the feature. Check your app store for updates.

  • Ambient Mode is not enabled on your account. Go into your YouTube app settings to enable it.

  • Update YouTube app, enable dark theme, and check compatibility.

  • If still missing, try clearing app cache/data (Android) or signing out/in.

Does Ambient Mode work with all videos?

Yes, it works with all videos on YouTube.

Does YouTube's Ambient Mode affect battery life?

The ambient lighting effects require additional display processing power, which uses more battery. It's a modest impact, but you may see faster battery drain with prolonged Ambient Mode use.

Can I customize the colors of Ambient Mode?

No, there are no settings to customize the Ambient Mode colors. The lighting colors change dynamically based on the video you are watching. YouTube's algorithm automatically selects colors that complement the video.

Is Ambient Mode available in all regions?

Yes, it's available worldwide on supported devices.

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