Top 10 People Search Engines to Find People Easily

Uncover comprehensive personal profiles online using these ethical people search engines. Find contact info, criminal records, and more.

By Abhishek Chandel
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Top 10 people search engines

Top 10 people search engines

Looking to uncover details about someone online but only know their name? People search engines make it possible. By compiling data from public records, social media, marketing lists, and other sources, these services create comprehensive personal profiles. With just a name, you can find phone numbers, addresses, relatives, criminal records, social media profiles, and other intimate details about a person's life and background. While privacy concerns exist, people search engines operate legally and provide unparalleled information access if used ethically. In this post, we'll explore the top 10 options.

1. Spokeo

Founded in 2006, Spokeo bills itself as an online white pages directory. But it goes far beyond a simple phone book lookup. By compiling data from marketing lists, social networks, government censuses, property records, and other public and private sources, Spokeo builds the most comprehensive profile possible.

With 12 billion records and profiles on over 250 million Americans, Spokeo offers unrivaled depth in people search engines. While core services are free, you can pay for premium reports and monitoring options.

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2. PeekYou

Founded in 2010, PeekYou takes a social media-focused approach to people search. It quickly scans over 50 social networks, forums, blogs, and other sites to find relevant mentions of your search term. For each name, you get a curated profile with links to all social accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Flickr, blogs, forums, and dating sites.

PeekYou provides an instant snapshot of someone's social media and online presence. It's an easy way to get a sense of who someone is and what they share publicly online.

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3. Pipl

Dubbed the "deepest search engine" for finding people, Pipl digs into public records, social media, dating sites, genealogy databases, blogs, forums, court records, and millions of other sites. The depth and breadth of Pipl's search capabilities are unrivaled. For each name, Pipl provides past and present addresses, phone numbers, relatives, associates, social media profiles, photos, videos, articles mentions, hobbies, and more.

Pipl also offers tools like email address lookup and monitors to track any new information on your search. For the most comprehensive internet profiling, Pipl is a top choice. Just search for a name and dive deep.

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4. Whitepages

Taking a simpler approach, Whitepages focuses primarily on public records like phone directories, address databases, and basic criminal records. It compiles listings from dozens of public data sources. For each search, you get current phone numbers, addresses, relatives, criminal offenses, bankruptcies, marriage/divorce records, property records, and past addresses.

While Whitepages lacks the depth of other engines, it's a reliable source for contact information and records lookup. They also offer many opt-out options for privacy.

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5. Intelius

In business for over 20 years, Intelius is one of the most established people search engines. It searches billions of public records, social sites, genealogy sites, reviews, and real estate listings to build user profiles. You also get marriage/divorce records, relatives, bankruptcies, arrests, professional licenses, background reports, and more.

For ongoing monitoring, Intelius has email alerts when new records appear. The amount of information available in each Intelius search is highly extensive.

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6. PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders distinguishes itself with international search capabilities spanning hundreds of millions of global records. Users can find details on people from the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, and most other English-speaking countries. For each search, you get criminal records, marriages/divorces, current and past addresses, property ownership, judgments, relatives, neighbors, and more.

While PeopleFinders offers basic search for free, a paid account unlocks unlimited people reports and advanced tracking tools. For international search, PeopleFinders is among the top.

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7. PeopleLooker

Launched in 2020, PeopleLooker is one of the newer major people search engines. It compiles the usual public records, social profiles, criminal records, contact info, and photos. What makes PeopleLooker unique is its facial recognition search. Upload a photo of someone, and it will find online photos matching that person's facial features. This can help connect a face with a name.

PeopleLooker also has one of the more modern, user-friendly site designs. And they aim to provide transparency by showing you all the sources behind the information indexed.

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8. Truthfinder

Truthfinder markets itself as a "powerful asset for background checks." While it searches social media and public records for vital info, Truthfinder shines in specific categories like past phone numbers, email addresses, criminal checks, and legal judgments. It also compiles details from the dark web and bank/utility records not available on most people's search sites.

You can monitor any name for new info, get email alerts, perform reverse phone lookups, and generate comprehensive background reports. Truthfinder offers premium tools for employers, investigators, and very thorough vetting.

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9. Radaris

With a focus on public records, Radaris compiles addresses, phone numbers, age, property values, mortgages, bankruptcies and liens, professional licenses, voter registration, and relatives. It's an excellent people search engine for contact information and official documentation. You can view full reports on every commercial and residential property connected to a name.

For tracking individuals over time, Radaris has tools to view address history on an interactive map. See where someone has lived over many decades. While limited in social media, Radaris delivers robust public records.

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10. BeenVerified

In business since 2006, BeenVerified stands out for its email address searches, reverse phone lookups and extensive background checks. It's heavily used by employers and landlords vetting candidates. By searching public records, resume sites, social media, contacts lists, and more, BeenVerified provides education history, employment details, and pretty much any other public documentation tied to a name.

BeenVerified also has monitoring services, permission-based background checks, and tools to reconnect with old friends and relatives. For a full suite of investigation tools, BeenVerified should be on your radar.

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People search engines aggregate enormous amounts of personal data, requiring ethical use. But they provide powerful investigation tools through legal means. By searching public records and social media, these services uncover phone numbers, addresses, relatives, criminal history, professional licenses, online photos, and countless other details - with just a name to start. As search capabilities improve, people databases offer an unrivaled view into an individual's background and digital footprint. When used responsibly, they are valuable assets for research.

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