Best Plant Identifier Apps for iPhone and iPad

Identify your plants with the best iPhone and iPad apps.

By Sagar Thakkar
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plant identifier apps for iPhone and iPad

Plant Identifier Apps for iPhone

Ever thought about nurturing a mini-jungle at home or sprucing up your workspace with some greenery, but are feeling a bit lost? Perhaps what you need is a handy plant identifier to guide you through your botanical journey. Fear not, we've got you covered with some top-notch apps to make your green thumb dreams a reality. In this article, we're delving into the best plant identifier apps designed for iPhone and iPad. So, let's dive in and discover the wonders these apps can unfold once you start using them.

1. Plantum

Ever wished for the magic to transform your brown thumb into a green one? Say hello to Plantum, your dream weaver for a lush, thriving garden. This smart app, powered by state-of-the-art AI technology, becomes your reliable ally in plant care and a knowledgeable guide in identifying your local rocks, mushrooms, and insects. Just point, snap, and let Plantum's scanner feature unveil the secrets of nature.

plantum plant identifier

And that's just the beginning! Our feature-rich toolbox is brimming with care tools, designed to give you top-notch advice for plant nurturing. From a precision light meter to a handy pot meter, and advanced filters - we're committed to ensuring your plants bloom beautifully. Plus, the ability to save your plant portraits in the app lets you track their journey from tiny sprouts to majestic green wonders.

Ready to embark on a green adventure? Dive into our 'Explore' section to unearth a bounty of plant care wisdom. Try Plantum today and marvel at the visible transformation in your plant's health and growth.

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2. PlantIn

Looking for a sleek, user-friendly plant identifier app? Install PlantIn, an app that combines style and functionality in a seamless interface. Whether you're identifying plants via photo snaps or QR code scans, this app has got you covered.

PlantIn also doubles as your personal plant care assistant, offering features like plant diagnosis, a light meter, and even a watering calculator.

plantin plant identifier app

Aspiring to cultivate your own garden? PlantIn makes it a breeze to search for specific plants and learn about their individual care needs, including soil type and watering schedules. With added features like a moon calendar, resource articles, and an expert advice panel, you'll have all the professional support you could ever need.

But perhaps the most special feature of PlantIn is its vibrant community. Within the app's feed section, you can connect with thousands of fellow plant lovers worldwide. Share ideas, tips, and inspiration as you collectively deepen your understanding and appreciation of the green world around us.

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3. PlantApp

PlantApp is not just another plant identifier app. With a comprehensive set of features, it suggests you take 360-degree pictures of your plant to provide an accurate diagnosis and a proper thriving plan. With various botanic categories available, identifying your plant and understanding new plants to seed has never been easier.

Plant app plant identifier

PlantApp boasts an abundance of resources on Botanics and their proper care. The app features My Garden, where you can save all your captured plants and set reminders to care for them.

Trust PlantApp to be your ultimate plant identifier and companion for all your gardening needs.

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4. Blossom

Get ready to embrace the future of plant care with an innovative plant identifier app, set against a visually pleasing backdrop of lush plants and vibrant blooms. This minimalist app lets you scan your plant, assess its health, and get actionable advice to address any issues. Dive into the Explore section and uncover a treasure trove of resources and tips to pamper your plants the right way.

Blossom plant identifier app

The app also offers a unique feature allowing you to input your location and climate, and voila, a personalized plant care plan is at your fingertips. Still, feeling a tad unsure? Don't fret! Expert advice is just a tap away with this app.

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5. PlantMe

Last but certainly not least, PlantMe is a feature-rich plant identifier that boasts smart AI features such as AI Gardner and smart plant care, among others. With the Timely Care section, you can easily capture your plants and diagnose them with the necessary cure.

Plantme plant identifier for iPhone

PlantMe also offers a plant identification feature that can help you become an expert in botany. To top it off, the app provides a community where users can come together to discuss plants and trees and make informed decisions to help their gardens thrive.

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Transform your garden into a thriving paradise with these powerful plant identifier apps for your iPhone and iPad. With these apps, you'll be able to accurately identify your plants, receive personalized care plans, and quickly diagnose any problems. And for the true Floraphiles out there, we recommend installing a plant identifier that offers a community feature, allowing you to connect with like-minded anthophiles and share your passion for all things green. Happy Gardening.

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