9 Best Netflix Alternatives in 2024 (Free and Paid)

Explore the top Netflix alternatives for streaming movies and TV shows. From Amazon Prime Video to Disney+, discover budget-friendly and free options.

By Abhishek Chandel
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9 Best Netflix Alternatives

9 Best Netflix Alternatives

As Netflix has recently raised its subscription prices, many consumers are reevaluating whether the service still provides adequate value compared to alternatives in the streaming space. A number of platforms exist that offer extensive on-demand libraries of movies, TV shows, live programming, and original content, often at cheaper monthly rates or even free with ads. As costs add up, even avid Netflix users may want to explore their options. So here we'll discuss the best Netflix alternatives you can try this year, we'll cover both Free and Paid options.

1. Amazon Prime Video

With over 28,000 titles available, Amazon Prime Video stands out for its massive streaming library spanning movies, shows, and original content. With a Prime membership ($14.99/month), you get access to this huge on-demand catalog ad-free, with the option to rent or buy additional titles. Fans of shows like The Wheel of Time and The Boys will find plenty more top-notch Prime Originals to binge.


  • Huge ad-free streaming library

  • Included with Prime benefits like free shipping

  • Original shows comparable to Netflix


  • Interface not as slick as Netflix

  • Not all titles included with membership

  • Fewer high-profile original movies

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2. Hulu

Hulu impresses with a robust library of current hit shows, movies, and original programming like The Handmaid's Tale and Only Murders in the Building. Plans start at $7.99 per month for ad-supported access, but for $14.99 you can eliminate ads. Hulu + Live TV bundles streaming with over 75 live channels for cord-cutters.


  • Includes hot shows other services lack

  • Smooth interface and recommendations

  • Live TV option for one-stop experience


  • Base plan has ads

  • Original content can't match Netflix scale

  • Live TV package is pricier

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3. Pluto TV

Pluto TV sets itself apart with a free, ad-supported television experience streaming over 1000 channels of news, sports, movies, reality TV, and more. While you won't get brand new releases, Pluto TV offers live and on-demand content from major networks like CBS, NBC, MTV and CNN packaged into a customizable channel guide. The no-cost access and cable-like format make Pluto TV feel more like traditional TV than other Netflix competitors.


  • 100% free access

  • Huge content variety

  • Customizable channel guide


  • Limited newer movies/shows -Ads not removable

  • No offline viewing

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4. HBO Max

Boasting an acclaimed original content library, plus big studio movies on their release date, HBO Max offers premium programming without the cable bill. Whether you're a fan of HBO classics like Game of Thrones, Westworld, and Euphoria or looking forward to films like The Flash, HBO Max has fantastic options to fill your queue.


  • Top-shelf original programming

  • No ads on base $15.99 plan


  • Most expensive service

  • Rotating licensed content

  • Stream upgrades cost extra

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5. Vudu

Vudu provides premium à la carte on-demand streaming focused heavily on recent theatrical movie releases available to rent or buy. While they lack a subscription option, Vudu's extensive catalog spanning new releases, classics and hit TV series lets you conveniently pay only for the content you truly want. With affordable single view prices and vivid 4K/HDR visuals, Vudu is the best Netflix complement for occasion-specific viewing. Vudu also offers a selection of content to watch for free with ads.


  • New movies rapidly available

  • Impressive 4K image quality

  • Flexible à la carte pricing


  • Limited free content

  • No subscription option

  • TV selection thinner than competitors

  • Purchased content doesn't integrate libraries

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6. Apple TV+

Apple TV+ stands out for its small but acclaimed lineup of premium originals, from feel-good comedy Ted Lasso to post-apocalyptic drama See. At just $6.99 per month, an Apple TV+ subscription is far more affordable than competitors. Integrated tightly with Apple devices and services, the clean, commercial-free interface makes Apple TV+ a seamless streaming choice for iOS ecosystem inhabitants.


  • Inexpensive monthly cost

  • Star-studded original content slate

  • No ads; download for offline viewing


  • Smaller overall library

  • Apple device optimization lacks for others

  • Most shows are released weekly, not all at once

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7. Xumo

Xumo stands out as an entirely free, ad-based streaming television service blending live programming and on-demand shows/movies. While light on brand new movies compared to paid services, Xumo still houses content from major networks alongside niche channels. The Xumo app provides a familiar channel guide format to scroll through its 300+ channels. For zero-cost cord-cutting with a cable-esque experience, Xumo hits the spot.


  • 100% free to use

  • Huge on-demand library despite no subscriptions

  • Channel guide interface


  • Contains ads

  • Rotating availability for some content

  • Few current movies or original programming

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8. Disney+

Disney+ grants unlimited access to Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and more for just $10.99 a month. From classics like Cinderella to the complete Star Wars saga and every entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney+ offers an unparalleled collection of family favorites new and old. Exciting originals like Andor and endless animation vault treasures make Disney+ a must for parents and kids.


  • Marvel, Star Wars, Disney - all in one place

  • High quality original movies and shows

  • Ad-free and downloadable


  • Not as robust selection for adults

  • Technical issues can interrupt streaming

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9. Discovery+

Discovery+ brings together the most extensive collection of real-life entertainment for less than $5 monthly. Showcasing popular networks like HGTV, Food Network and TLC, Discovery+ offers thousands of shows covering home, food, relationships plus true crime and paranormal content - everything but scripted series. Between a dizzying array of reality favorites old and new, Discovery+ is a reality TV enthusiast's dream.


  • Incredible reality TV breadth

  • Highly affordable

  • Quickly updated with current seasons


  • Few high-profile Originals so far

  • Technical issues on certain devices

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While Netflix maintains market leadership based on original programming and sheer subscription numbers, increasing costs have opened the door for competitors to lure viewers away with cheaper or free content libraries. Whether it be the cheaper monthly fees of Hulu and Disney+ or totally free, ad-based platforms like Pluto TV and Xumo, consumers have many alternatives for quality streaming video. The days where nearly every household had a Netflix subscription may be numbered as lower-priced substitutes continue to expand their libraries and original programming.

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