Best iOS 17 StandBy Widgets You Need to Try

Enhance your iOS 17 StandBy experience with these 9 top widgets! From productivity to entertainment, find the perfect additions for your lock screen.

By Abhishek Chandel
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Best iOS 17 StandBy Widgets You Need to Try

Best iOS 17 StandBy Widgets You Need to Try

The introduction of StandBy mode in iOS 17 brings widgets to the lock screen for the first time, providing quick access to information without needing to unlock your iPhone. This opens up new possibilities for customization, convenience, and aesthetics. With a vast selection of widgets to choose from, how do you determine which ones are worth your home screen space? In this post, we cover 9 of the best iOS 17 widgets that will enhance your StandBy experience through useful features, stylish designs, and seamless integration.

1. World Clock Widgets

World Clock Widgets are a boon for frequent travelers to view multiple time zones from the lock screen. You can easily track time differences and schedule meetings based on your global contacts' local time.

The minimalist design shows precise real-time world clocks and provides useful details like sunrise/sunset timings. Overall, it enhances your productivity and simplifies planning across time zones.

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2. Widget Box

Widget Box provides an extensive collection of widgets like weather, calendar, news, notes, tasks, and more. It also includes entertaining interactive games such as Bubble Popping and Tic-Tac-Toe to provide a fun dose of entertainment.

You can select from a vast array of aesthetic themes to customize the look and feel. Widget Box ensures minimal battery drainage while delivering real-time information. The versatile widgets make it easy to stay updated without opening apps.

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3. Photo Widget

Photo Widget enables you to showcase your best photographs directly on your home screen. The sleek interface makes browsing through your memories a delightful experience.

You can display your photos in portrait or landscape orientation and customize them with resizing, cropping, captions, and date stamps. Photo Widget also allows you to organize your pictures into separate albums or streams for quick access.

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4. TickTick

TickTick is a top-rated task management widget that neatly integrates with the TickTick app. It lets you view and manage your to-do lists, reminders, and deadlines directly from the lock screen.

The customizable interface allows you to tweak the widget layout, sizes, and choose specific task lists to display. TickTick utilizes intelligent suggestions to prioritize tasks based on due dates. With its sleek design and seamless syncing, TickTick is ideal for busy professionals.

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5. Dark Noise

Dark Noise offers a robust library of high-quality background sounds to help you focus, meditate, study, or sleep. You can choose from over 50 different sounds including white noise, rain, waves, wind, and more.

The customizable interface lets you create the perfect soundscape and set timers for your tasks or sleep sessions. With Dark Noise widgets, you can quickly start, switch or stop sounds right from the lock screen for an immersive experience.

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6. iScreen Widgets & Themes

iScreen provides an expansive collection of widgets, wallpapers, and themes to customize your iPhone's look. It offers useful widgets for calendars, batteries, clocks, reminders, and more.

The intuitive interface makes it easy to tweak sizing, fonts, colors, and opacity as per your preference. iScreen ensures your home screen is both aesthetically appealing and functional through its dynamic updated widgets.

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7. Flighty

For frequent flyers, Flighty is a game-changing flight tracker app. Its lock screen widget provides live status updates, delay alerts, cancellations, and countdowns for upcoming trips.

The real-time tracking works for flights across airlines worldwide. Flighty ensures you never miss a gate change or delay again. The optional subscription unlocks useful perks like notifications and enhanced functions.

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8. Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather delivers hyperlocal weather forecasts in a fun, snarky manner through its AI bot. The minimalist widgets provide current, hourly, and daily weather directly on your lock screen.

The accurate predictions and hilarious bot quips make checking the weather an entertaining experience. Though free to download, you need to subscribe to unlock the Carrot Weather widgets and premium features.

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9. Overcast

Overcast is an award-winning podcast player packed with intuitive features. The lock screen widgets enable quick access to your recently played podcasts and playlists.

You can easily pause, play, or switch podcasts without unlocking your phone. Overcast also offers robust tools like smart speed, voice boost, and offline listening for an enhanced experience.

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With the ability to display real-time data, shortcuts, and visual flair, the StandBy widgets showcased here provide an unparalleled upgrade to your iOS lock screen. Whether you want task management, entertainment, flight updates, or weather forecasts, these thoughtfully designed widgets deliver quick convenience without compromising aesthetics. iOS 17’s StandBy mode marks an exciting development for widget capabilities. If you’re looking to maximize productivity or customize your iPhone’s look, these 9 options make for excellent additions to your StandBy screen.

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