Best House and home Apps For Android

Simplify your household with these Android apps. From tasks to remodeling, they've got you covered!

By Abhishek Chandel
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Best House and home Apps For Android

Best House and home Apps For Android

Running a household smoothly takes organization and efficiency. This blog post shares recommendations for the top Android apps to simplify home management. Whether one needs to organize chores and tasks, find remodeling inspiration, create floor plans, research real estate listings, or connect with neighbors, there are some great options available. From scheduling cleaning to estimating home values and more, these apps aim to save users time and effort. Read on to see the picks for the most useful home organization and efficiency apps on Android right now.

1. Todoist - For Managing To-Do Lists and Tasks

Todoist is one of the most popular and powerful task management apps available. With it you can easily create detailed to-do lists and set reminders so you never forget an important home management task again. Key features include due dates, priorities, notes and the ability to organize your tasks into projects. If you need help staying organized, Todoist is a must-have app.


  • Easy to-do list creation and task management

  • Set reminders and due dates

  • Organize tasks into projects

  • Available on multiple platforms


  • Free version has limited features

  • Can get expensive with premium upgrades

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2. Houzz - For Home Design and Remodeling Inspiration

If you're looking to redecorate or remodel your home, Houzz offers a wealth of design inspiration through its photo gallery featuring millions of beautiful home images. You can also connect with home professionals, follow home design trends and use Houzz tools like the 3D room planner. This app is a top choice for finding new home decor ideas or getting your next remodeling project off the ground.


  • Millions of home design photos

  • Home design ideas and inspiration

  • 3D room planner tool

  • Connect with home professionals


  • Mainly a browsing app, no project management features

  • Have to sift through lots of images to find relevant ones

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3. Tody - For Cleaning Schedules and Chore Management

Tody helps you stay on top of your home's cleaning and maintenance. Use it to build customizable cleaning checklists for daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Set reminders, track chore completion and assign duties to family members. Tody takes the headache out of keeping your home sparkling clean.


  • Customizable cleaning checklists

  • Chore scheduling and reminders

  • Track task completion

  • Assign duties to family members


  • Requires manual entry of tasks

  • Basic features only in free version

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4. NextDoor - For Connecting with Neighbors

NextDoor facilitates communication with the neighbors in your immediate area. Use it to receive recommendations for local businesses, borrow tools, find lost pets, and more. You can build stronger connections locally and keep up with news in your community.


  • Connect with nearby neighbors

  • Recommendations for local businesses

  • Borrow tools and exchange favors

  • Lost pet alerts


  • Neighborhoods vary in usage and activity

  • Some unhelpful/irrelevant posts

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5. MagicPlan - For Creating Floor Plans

MagicPlan uses your phone's camera and AR technology to let you create accurate floor plans of your home in minutes. Simply walk through each room while MagicPlan tracks your movements. The app auto-generates the layout. Use it for remodels, redecorating or real estate listings.


  • Creates floor plans with phone camera

  • Easy to use AR technology

  • Fast and accurate floor plan generation

  • Useful for remodels and real estate


  • Doesn't work well for multi-story homes

  • Limited customization options

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6. Zillow - For Housing/Real Estate Info

Zillow is the top real estate app for searching home listings or learning a home's estimated market value. Use it to view homes for sale near you, research neighborhoods and get information on mortgage rates. If you're looking to buy, sell or refinance, Zillow should be your go-to app.


  • Search millions of home listings

  • Estimate home values

  • View price history of homes

  • Mortgage affordability calculator


  • Accuracy of Zestimates varies

  • Focused on US market only

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The above list highlights top picks for the best Android apps to improve home organization and management. From chore scheduling to floor plan creation and real estate research, these apps can help save time and effort in running a household smoothly. Users can download a few that fit their needs to make home tasks simpler. Implementing just a few can make a significant difference in staying on top of home responsibilities.

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