Best AI Photo Editor Apps for iPhone in 2023

Use these best AI photo editing apps for iPhone and iPad to make your pictures shareable.

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best ai photo editing apps for iPhone and iPad

Best AI photo editor apps for iPhone

If you've exhausted yourself in the ceaseless hunt for the ideal photo editing app, the search ends here. We've got you covered with this comprehensive guide to the finest AI photo editors for iPhone and iPad. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, these apps will help you produce strikingly beautiful edits, pushing the boundaries of your creativity. Bid goodbye to mediocre edits and embrace the new era of AI-assisted creativity. Let's dive into the world of the best AI photo editors for iPhone and iPad. 

1. ToonMe by Photo Lab

Imagine having a pocket-sized, AI-powered photo editor that could transform your face into a fun Avatar. That's what ToonMe from Photo Lab brings to the table. Overflowing with AI editing effects, avatars, and pre-built templates, this app can bring your photos to life in exciting new ways. Add your photo, select an effect, and voila - you've created a share-worthy, future-forward image! 

ToonMe app iPhone

The app's strength lies in its lifelike AI avatars, paired with a range of themes like fantasy and summer vibes. Fancy seeing yourself alongside your favorite celebrity? ToonMe can make that dream a reality. 

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2. PicsArt

PicsArt is more than just an app - it's an entire universe of AI photo editing, avatar creation, and a thriving community of creators. If you've ever played around with photo edits before sharing on social media, you might already be familiar with PicsArt. But with the introduction of new AI features, PicsArt has ascended to new heights. 

PicsArt app iPhone

The app offers AI-powered features like the AI GIF Generator, My Avatars, and AI Replace, helping you create breathtaking art or a futuristic avatar of yourself. Plus, with ready-made templates and a vibrant community to share your work with, PicsArt is bound to capture your heart. 

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3. Remini

Looking for an exceptional AI-based photo editor? Give Remini a shot. This app offers an impressive array of editing features, including AI Photos, AI Avatars, AI Filters, and more. What sets Remini apart from the competition is its ability to deliver precise AI avatars and eye-catching AI filters. And it's not just for photos - you can even edit videos with Remini. 

Remini AI Photo Editor iPhone.png

With its high-quality user experience, modern user-friendly interface, and a variety of AI features, Remini firmly secures its place on this list of top photo editors. 

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4. Pixelup

Pixelup is an AI-enhanced photo editor that prides itself on its smart editing features and AI avatar creation. This app's mission is to allow you to revolutionize your photos without the need to manually apply filters or other editing features. Upload your picture, choose from five AI editing options like enhance, colorize, animate, descratch, and intelligent AI features, and watch your photos transform. 

Pixelup AI photo editor iPhone1.png

Additionally, the AI avatar creation feature lets you generate stunning avatars of yourself in various characters and effects. With its sleek minimalist design and straightforward AI avatar features, Pixelup is an editing app you won't want to miss. 

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5. Lensa

Highly popular and top-rated on the App Store, Lensa offers simple AI photo and video editing features, AI effects, and AI Avatars. The app comes packed with a variety of built-in effects, art styles, and AI editing features. 

Lensa AI Photo Editor iPhone.png

All you need to do is upload a few pictures of yourself, and Lensa's AI will suggest improvements to make your images social media-ready. Additionally, Lensa offers AI avatar generation, allowing you to choose from different avatar effects and create impressive avatars. 

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Wrapping it Up: 

We've handed you the ultimate guide to the best AI photo editor apps available for your iPhone and iPad. These handy applications will empower you to modify your photos swiftly and effortlessly, ensuring they're ready for whatever the future brings. A key feature across many of these apps is AI avatar generation - a fascinating tool that allows you to have fun creating various avatars of yourself. We encourage you to give each app a whirl and let us know which AI editing tool strikes a chord with you.

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