Best Adventure Games for iPhone and iPad

Feel the rush of adventure with these best adventure games for iPhone and iPad.

By Sagar Thakkar
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best adventure games for iPhone and iPad

Best adventure games for iPhone

Adventure games may not be the hottest genre right now in the world of smartphone gaming, but they make great casual games. As far as my experience with adventure games, it is not necessary to put more focus on the game in order to win. But you can have real fun with them if you know the right game and if it's interesting enough. Today, we’ve come up with the most interesting adventure games that you can play and have great fun with. Let’s explore each one in turn.

1. Temple Run 2

Everyone’s favorite and number one in the adventure chart, Temple Run is an endless running game that keeps you going until you beat your own record. In this game, you’re stuck in a strange world where a bizarre, gigantic creature runs after you to catch you. 

Temple Run 2

The only thing you can do is run as fast as you can and avoid getting caught. You can collect coins and some freebies along the way to enjoy the gameplay and take turns without bumping against anything. Just swipe across the screen as you go and nothing will stop you.

You can take the gameplay to the next level with a few superpowers and shields.

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2. Scary Teacher 3D

If your experience with teachers in school or tutors in private tutoring sessions has been disappointing, you will have a lot of fun playing this game. You’ve got the chance to revenge on the bad teacher who used to torture, punish, and beat you in your high school or tutoring class. 

Scary Teacher 3D

This adventure game revolves around a story where your school teacher has moved into your neighborhood and you have the chance to scare her off as much as you can to exact revenge on her. 

You can avail different activities, perform missions, and complete tasks to frighten your neighbor's teacher and make the gameplay more engaging. 

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3. Township

With Township, your dream of owning a farm and growing your town can be true. In this game, you’re the town planner and organizer and need to apply your best strategies to grow your town.


You can grow your crops, sell farm goods to grow your town, and make trades with other islands. You can collect animals, use landmarks to spruce up your town, and engage with in-game town people for a more engaging experience. With creative graphics, interesting characters, and easy gameplay, Township emerges as the perfect game for kids and adults alike. 

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4. Rise Up

There are times when you get bored at your work or just at home when you have a day off. When you're in that situation and need a game to kill time, Rise Up is just what you need. This simple and straightforward game is what you can play with yourself. 

In this game, you need to shield your balloon from attacks and obstacles that come your way. With just one tap on your device, you can move the shield to safeguard your balloon. The endless gameplay mode requires you to clear the way for the balloon so that you can beat your personal best and achieve a new score every time. 

With just one finger used, Rise Up is one of the best games to kill time with.

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5. Coinmaster

If you want to play an adventure game that involves some strategy, Coinmaster should be your top priority. Coinmaster is a game where you play as a Viking hero. As a Viking, you are responsible for attacking, raiding, and looting other Vikings in order to build your empire.


The more raids and attacks you make, the more coins you earn and the faster your empire grows. The game can also be played in multiplayer mode - either with your friends by your side, helping you become a coinmaster, or against you to attack and raid your village. 

With this appealing multiplayer mode and thousands of active users, this game is a perfect blend of strategy and adventure. 

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All adventure games should have one trait in common - they must be adventurous. The more adventurous the gameplay, the more fun the game will be. These games are some of the most downloaded and top-rated adventure games on iOS devices. Try them all and let us know what you think is the best one.

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